How to give effective Presentations?

As one of my blog reader "Saagar" asked me to write something about this very important topic and i think this topic is good enough to share with you.

1.First and foremost is your own passion.Select a topic, you are most interested in.You can select topic from this blog Paper Presentation's post.

2.Reading- Get thorough with the subject and assimilate everything related to it.

3.Prepare your presentation and make sure that you do not write a single word in the presentation which you don't know. As a computer engineer , I myself traveled a lot to give presentations and the most difficult thing in the ppt is the queries people ask about the topic, so keep your presentation short and to the point. TALK SENSE and don't talk in air.

4. Use more images and pictures to make your presentation interesting.

5. Make your presentation interrogative so that the audience think and feel as a part of it. In public speaking its very important that we develop the skill to force public, to use all their senses.

6.If you travel different countries like us (engineers) you will feel difficulty of translation. So start your presentation with the "hello" in their domestic language.Use more and more words in their understandable language. Avoid using translators because they usually make presentation boring.

6.Prepare Placards with you. Use simple language and local proverbs.

7.Practice your presentation with time limit. Repeat it again and again using your Placards.

8.Think that ( I do it myself) everybody in audience is naked. This will improve your confidence.

I hope it helps!