How to Improve communication skills?

Communication skill becomes very vital in hot, flat and crowded world. Success is relative to our communication.

In this article I will give few easy and effective tips to improve that:

1. Think more speak less : Before speaking anything make sure that you have clear idea.

For ex : Imagine a situation where you are thirsty and you want water at all cost. Can't you communicate it to other person effectively without knowing his language. I know you can because in this case your absolutely clear what you want.

2. Believe in yourself : Try to speak truth or keep silent.

If you know, what you are communicating is correct and genuine than don't hesitate to speak it. Sometime we hesitate because we think, what would happen if I am wrong? Don't think just say what you want.

3. Keep yourself neat and tidy : Wear neat and clean clothes and always try to look decent.

If your at some business meeting or in party.Dress properly, but don't think much about your looking .Repeat this line again and again in your mind that " I am looking good and everyone present here is very impressed with me". Keep repeating it until you starts to believe that you are actually looking good. It will enhance your confidence which ultimately help in your communication.

4. You should have good command on language you speak : To speak effectively we should have good command on language. If you facing difficulty to speak some particular language , what are you waiting for? Start speaking that language. We all have one common problem that we usually not like to face problems from front , If you also have this problem than I request you to not run from the problem but try to solve it.

Common ex. Maths. Students runs away from it , and make it more difficult then it actually has. Same applied to language. If we start speaking in language we are facing difficulty, we can improve it easily.

Easy methods to learn any language :

  • Try to read newspaper in that language.
  • Watch television channels related to that language. For eg if your facing difficulty in english start watching english channels.
  • Stand in front of mirror and talk to yourself in that very language.

5.To communicate effectively, your General knowledge should be good. Read newspaper daily and discuss about news and events with your friends and family members. Read more and more books. Cramp jokes and quotations if you can. This will make your communication effective.

I hope above tips will help,