How to find top 5 engineering colleges jaipur?

I am giving you the names of top 5 engineering colleges of Jaipur :

1. JECRC JAIPUR :- Yup, according to our research ,we find out that this college deserve to be number one.

Sri Ram Ki Nangal, Via Vatika - 303905, Tonk Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan (India)
Phone No : 91-141-2770232, 2770114,2770120, Fax No. : 91-141-2770803
E-Mail :

2. SKIT :- Last year this college said to be number one college of jaipur but when we asked some local student of skit they are not happy with this college. Because this college management do not entertain anything other then studies. According to the student' s opinion this type of motto harms there overall development.

When we asked management about this they replied that because of their policies they have become number one or two. And they are not going to change it.

According to our Youngsters answer site it is school cum college and one of the best college with respect to parents thinking but when we take student's perspective its not up to the mark.

Contact information of Skit
SKITCampus,Jaipur Ramnagaria (Jagatpura) Jaipur - 302 025
Tel. : +91-0141- 2752165, 2752167, 2759609,
Fax: +91-141-2759555
Website :
E-mail :

3. Poornima College :- Poornima is very strict and disciplined college situated in Jaipur. The main advantage of poornima college is that its owner takes his personal interest in college and give college as much time as possible.

second plus point with poornima is that it is situated near the city.

It is one of the college who is developing very fast.

Contact information of Poornima College of Engineering :

ISI-6, RIICO Institutional Area,
Goner Road, Sitapura
Jaipur-302 022 (Rajasthan)
Phone/Fax : +91-0141-2770790/ 2770792
E-mail :

4.Global Institute of Technology :- This is one of the great contender of becoming number one. Git journey from last to top five is of only 4 year.
The main advantage with GIT is its infrastructure and placement cell, which is one of the most active placement cell among all other colleges.

The biggest disadvantage of Git is its inexperienced faculty.

Contact information of GIT :-
Campus: ITS-1,IT Park,EPIP Sitapura,Jaipur (Raj)-302022
Phone : 0141-2770445,2770581,2770583 Fax : 0141-2770584

5. Arya engineering College :- Arya's ranking is decreasing year by year. Its not long time passed when this college was top most college of Jaipur. But now time is changing , the biggest disadvantage with arya college is its distance with the main city. Arya college is situated around 25 km from the main city in kukas area.
Second reason behind its degradation is its uncapability to attract placement in comparison to its closest compititor Git or other college.
Third reason behind its fifth rank is that three colleges from above top 4 are in same area with very great understanding, that makes situation much more difficult for Arya.
But still because of its infrastructure , its experience in engineering college field and its past glory , arya maintained itself in top 5.

Contact information of Arya college :
SP-40/42 RIICO Industrial Area Kukas,
Delhi Road, Jaipur(Raj.)
Tel : 0141-4032432, 4032434, 4034655
Delhi Office
407, 'ANSAL BHAWAN' 16 K.G. Marg
Cannaught Place, New-Delhi-01
Mr.Subodh :
E-mail :

Other than Rajasthan University Affiliated colleges :-

:- Malviya Nagar National Intitute of Technology
Its a number one college of Jaipur but it is not affiliated with rajasthan university. Admission at MNIT can be taken using AIEEE Ranks.

:- Laxmi Niwas Mittal Institute of Information technology.
It is also not affiliated with rajasthan university and nor from aieee, but admission in lnmiit can be taken using aieee rank the only condition is that you need to fill its form. Before taking admission.

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  1. Thanks for very very useful information.

  2. hii,
    i doesnt agree with the ranking.. i was in skit and i think it is no. 1 and will continue to do so....the predication for 2009 skit much ahead of others reasons for this;-

    1) only 3rd college in rajasthan to get accredation from aicte in more than 3 departments.

    2) only private college in india to have ibm (tivloi center) research laboratory,other two colleges are iit delhi and mumbai.

    3) won runner up award in enterpernuership development,by government of india see

    4) only college in north india to have toastmasters club..mentor club for this is infosys technologies banaglore.

    5) graded as A grade college by infosys technoogies and they provide soft skill and technival training for skit.

    6) highly disciplined no partial,ethical institute.

    7) only technical college to have dedicated extra curricular hours.scheduled in time table.

    8)college have more than 58 clubs like foring language,revnebale enrgy,dramatics,dance,robotics.

    9)has its own dedicated softwre company to give live on exposer.

    10) highest no. of placements in rajsthan

    11) best infrasteucture like:- wi-fi campus,atm facility,air cooled hostel,medical air theater..

    12) 7 allumini in last 2 years got through iim,a shows the standard of teaching
    can any other college compare this...
    WE rock & SKIT rocks.

  3. hiii i think i agree with what mr. infosyian has said Skit is number one college and it will continue to do so..they have recently appointed Prof. Ram singh who was responsible for computerisation of us judicial system as there principal.Mr. ram singh was honoured with young man of ameriaca awars in the year 1976. he had been the proffessor of bits pilani,Mit usa,IIt rokree.. the founder principal who has taken skit to this level Prof. s.l surana has been appointed as the director acedemics. apert from thesedevelopments the sunmicrosystem open universty in the skit opened this year is the seventh largest university in the world.these things will take skit to greater heights and will make it the world class institute. \person like ram singh who is precsently felow of ieee will realy make a diffrenece... SKit is no. 1 no doubts about that

  4. I am one of the ex- student of ARYA COLLEGE OF ENGG & IT Jaipur.Because of my wrong decision of taking admission in Arya college i suffered a lot.Arya is being run by one HOD Akhil Pandey.Well as per designation he is only HOD of CS & IT.But he is authorized more than a principal.He imposes unnecessary training on students just to generate income for organization.Training like Auto -cad ,is imposed on first year students and amount of 5000 -15000 is forcefully charged from students.Apart from that trainings of linux is imposed on autombile students to every branch.If anybody disobey him then career of that person is ruined.I also did same,i was selected in Infosys my DOJ was very near.When I got my results i was very much surprised coz i got backlog in my internal examination.A guy who was never failed till 7th semester in any of the exams how he can get back in 8th semester.When I asked Arya College for this they said you have disobeyed Akhil Pandey.You have to pay for that.Because of one deneial of Auto cad training i missed my Infosys joining.So friends beware of false promosies made by ARYA .They will ruin your career.I am not only the victim of this college there are many more like me.................

  5. Career counselorJune 18, 2009 at 4:46 AM

    Hello everyone
    I have few questions from the owner of this blog who has given the ranking of various colleges in Jaipur.
    1. What is the basis/criterion/points/ of the ranking?
    2. You have elaborated the reason of considering other colleges on number 2, 3, 4 and so on but there is no substantial reason of considering JECRC on number one position

  6. Career Counselor thanks for asking....
    Ya I am sorry that i forgot to tell you why Jecrc is number 1. I thought that it is well known.

    There are three very good points about jecrc :

    1. It has been giving more placements in comparison to any other college.

    2. It is one of the college where you get standard education as well as extra curriculum activities.

    3.When i talk to the various students of jecrc there feedback was excellent. They were very happy with there college and there internal marks , internal marks is very important thing if you want to score good marks in your exams.

    I hope these reasons are sufficient to rank this college number 1.

  7. career counselorJune 20, 2009 at 7:15 AM

    thanks for the reply CG

    to reply to your points
    1. this year skit has produced more placements than any other self financed institution in Rajasthan affiliated from RTU.
    2. about standard education you have already mentioned that SKIT is about education now about extra and co curricular activities i would like to give you few examples
    SKIT Toastmasters club: one of its kind in all north India engineering colleges chartered under prestigious toastmasters international California. Currently SKIT toastmasters club is holding the most prestigious status of Presidential distinguished club. This club is endorsed by most of the companies in all across the globe.
    SKIT Entrepreneurship club (TOPAZ): Topaz in association with NEN (national entrepreneurship network) is aiming towards fostering the skills among the students to become future JOB providers. Students get hands on experience of doing things and running small businesses. These students are monitored and mentored by various industry experts i.e. CEO, MD of various companies.
    About the accolades of club, the club has already achieved the championship runners up award in entrepreneurship week among more than 350 institutions all across India. SKIT is among the most preferred college list of National entrepreneurship network.
    SKIT Infosys : This is an autonomous body, takes up live projects and courses to sharpen the skills of students

    Few other clubs are dance club, singing club, dramatics club, SKIT renewable energy club, robotics club, eco friends club, red cross youth club, sports club,ISTE chapter and IEEE chapter etc.

    3. About internal examination is it really a criterion for rating of good colleges? if it would have been the case some other institutions might have been on top rankings. If i understand than if the difference between the performance in sessionals and university is minimal then that could be a criterion of judge ment. But what if the diff. between the two is very high where you score 90% in sessionals and less than 60 in university? what i think it should not be a criterion of rating at all. As companies also know the diff. between sessionals and university and now it is clearly mentioned in the marksheets also.
    i hope all three points counters your points about rating JECRC at number 1 position.

  8. i don't agree with the student who is victim of Arya College of Engg. &
    IT, Because I am also the student of Arya College of Engg. & IT. I am also
    surprise to see that a student have no back till the 7th semester is
    getting back in eigth semester and who is waiting for the joining in he has got selected in infosys if he his not able to get 40
    marks out of 80,either college is giving back in the internal exam,Because
    college have only right to give maximum of 20 marks in the internal. so
    there is big question mark on performance of the student.Student is just
    hiding his incapability of the failure.And what i have seen in the
    comments is done by the some other promoter of the colleges.

    I m proud to be an ARYAN.

  9. Hi bro i think you are right and your ranking criteria is really good but i have one question to you that why you give 2nd rank to skit i think skit is not deserve 2nd rank it deserve 4 or 5 so plz do something in this matter thx.

  10. hii friend..
    i agree with most of you.. the ranking is totally there hasnt been any counterpoint to the most of the points raised by the people who says that SKIT,JAIPUR is no.1 college.. there is no facts given why jecrc..has been given no.1
    mr..raj..can u give facts why skit should be on no.4 or 5..please give facts..
    about the fact that jecrc is well known as no,1 college.. please check other blogs like YAHOO ANSWErs,, are very popular sites for discussion about colleges.. and check what top rank aieee people think about jecrc and what they think about skit..i think people have compared there skit to lower rank nits... and this proves the fact that skit is no. 1 college in rajasthan at present...

  11. Hello everyone, I am student of skit in jaipur. This college do not even deserve to be college.

    It spoil our life. It is school. Everyone in skit has there ego.

    I am studying in skit and i am good in extra curriculum but to get permission for participating in any other college is very difficult in skit.

    Clubs are only for formality. There is not direct benefits for student because there is not activity in this clubs.

    Interaction between student and teacher is very less.

    There is not a single person in college to whom we can share our problem.

    If you left behind in your first year than skit will try to sink your ship in every field. They will give you punishment you never think of, like without listening to you they will debar you. They will not allow you in labs. Attendance is ultimate criteria for this college.

    Now I will tell you some facts about its campus :

    1. Area of campus is very small

    2. There is no activities in playground.It is for formality.

    3. Hostel ek dadba bana rakha hai...itna ganda toh zoo bhi nahi hoota.

    4. Administrative staff bahut kharab hai......student friendly nahi hai...

    5. Sahi baat toh yeh koi bhi particular student us college say khus nahi hai........har koi uske baare mein boolna chahta hai lekin akela padne kay karan boolna nahi chahta.

    6.Student ko dabane ka ek hi hatiyaar hai internal marks, partiallity chalti hai.....har baat mein internal marks ki dhamki dete hai.

    Jab bhi aap yaha admission lene aaoo...toh pls pls kisi student say akele mein baat jarror kar lena..

    Thanks Cg for giving me platform...and your ratings are absolutely correct. But I am with raj please dont place this college in top 5.

  12. hii friend,
    i dont agree with above person.. im a student of skit,jaipur.. activities bahuth saareihoti hain. there is nothing called formality there...
    yeh saare bakwaas woh log karte hain..jinhen kuch karna warna hita nahin.. internal main no. nahin aate to bolte hain partailty hai.. this college desrved to be no.2 regarding popularity ... fw days back we got a rare achievent on the day of declaration of rpet andday after skit,jaipur was the most searched word in india on google...SKIT.. is no. 1 there is no doubt about that...

  13. Hello frnds..
    i m a student of skit... n i totally disagree with wat skitstudent said abt SKIT..

    This college is xtremely has every sort of facility with in the campus..
    though campus is not too large..but its well maintained n neat n clean..its a green campus...

    faculties r well qualified...n r concern abt the student's perfomance..n quality education..

    this college has everything wat we expect in a college.. though there r sum negetives points..too..but even india's best college IIT has defects in its functioning...(u simply cant eat the food in mess of IITs)

    other fact is campus is equiped with WiFi...library is digitilize..n 24 hour internet connectivity so..student can reap out their best for their academics...

    hostel has single seater rooms...n they r extremely gud...

    SKIT is certainly one of the best college in the state...n one it will hav a national fame....

  14. Hi , I am a Student of Shankra College of Engg., kukus , jaipur I have just wasted my Career here . It is a Fake Engg. College . Here a chairman is also culprit . They only interested in admission rather then providing good Quality of education .

  15. hey please anyone tell me how good r the new skit gpoup of colleges .
    i want to know vinekanand inst. tech. r good or not.....

  16. i am a passout of shankara institute of technology its a farzi coll according to me jst this college is opened to earn money and play wth students future/// dnt ruin ur career here!!!!

    statuory warning!!!!!!!!


  17. ***********************
    1. JECRC has more placement in this current year.
    2. JECRC as no restriction on gate entry that is any time you can go anytime you can come.
    3. Students are given 60% attendance criteria as a proper college.
    4. Emphasis is given on Education more than Discipline because at this age you already know what discipline is!
    5. JECRC as no casteism in system unlike SKIT you can see every HOD is JAT in SKIT.
    6. IF you are considering CROWD as a part of rating than GIT should be number 1.
    7. Overall JECRC is a very good option talk to pass outs to know it better.

    Frustrated SKITian 2011

  18. Considering the pattern Some of Best NEW colleges for engineering opened in recent times in Jaipur(Criteria: "best engineering college, top engineering placments, engineering in jaipur")

    1.Uttam Devi Mohan Lal College of Engineering (UDML)
    2.Poornima College of Engineering and Technology (PCET)
    3.Vivekananda Institute of Technology (VIT)
    4.Arya College of Engineering and Information Technology (ACEIT)
    5.Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women’s University (JVWU)
    6.Maharishi Arvind International Institute of Technology (MAIIT)
    7.Modi Institute of Technology (MIT)

  19. mr. infosiyan:
    wifi campus..holy kabhi nahi chalta..





    THANK YOU !! :))

  21. can anyone tell me about civil engineering in Kautilya Institute???

  22. I Feel Poornima is Coming as good ENgineering college Only because of Best Placement officer among all otherENgineering collges given.

  23. I got IT branch in skit.i wanna change it by mech,electrical...plz

  24. @last user you should talk to the management and told them that you want to change your branch from IT to mechanical or electrical. I don't think that you will face any difficulty in doing so because IT ranks higher than mechanical and electrical in India. So students of these branch would be happy to grab this opportunity.

  25. 1. JECRC[] has more placement in this current year.
    2. JECRC as no restriction on gate entry that is any time you can go anytime you can come.
    3. Students are given 60% attendance criteria as a proper college.
    4. Emphasis is given on Education more than Discipline because at this age you already know what discipline is!
    5. IF you are considering CROWD as a part of rating than GIT should be number 1.
    6. Overall JECRC is a very good option talk to pass outs to know it better.

  26. Considering the fact that I am an 2011 Engg. Graduate that too from a good college (....), I would advise you to read the post carefully and make the decision accordingly.
    Criteria: RPET 2011 Colleges, AIEEE Colleges in India, Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan.
    According to the present scenario, some of the best engineering colleges in Jaipur (only Private Colleges) which offer top engineering placements are mentioned below:

    1. JECRC
    2. GIT
    3. ARYA Group of Colleges
    4. SKIT
    5. Poornima Group of Colleges
    6. Gyanvihar.

  27. hey, all of you, everything is theoratical on this page...! i don't know more about jecrc, bt skit is a truly fake college now..! its quality is decreasing day by day rapidly.!
    and pce is just like jail, burden on stdnts is so much in it, that he/she can't find out time for study....! and result is very well known,..!

    if you want to do full enjoy, thn choose git, its like going in club or party...! bt their is no point of study in it.!

    and arya is dammn fake clg...! they only needs money..! whether he is akhil pandey or arun arya..! even, they take 500 rs. more in exam fee. and i am totally agree with above guy, who told about akhil pandey..! they all are greedy...! so, guys , be practical...!
    and yes, if you want good marks, thn u have to study only, whether it is jecrc, mnit or iit..!
    don't be dependent on professors..!

    and yes, if you are choosing clg, thn also think about anand clg..! it is run by great faculties like k.c sharma(41 yrs exp), anurag mishra(counsultant of jmrc) n etc...!

  28. this is 100% accurate information given by person who has written the blog i have done my engineering in 2011 and completely familiar with colleges

  29. GIT exists nowhere in top list,it is fake,rotten faculty,no placement,no system, you will be charged too much for bus and poor stuffs like bad quality bags and calculators, making money

  30. guys what are ur views about the yagyavalkya institute of technology....???

  31. @unkwown ....Yagyavalkya is a decent college.It is doing fine so if someone do not get admit in the above colleges, can opt for this college.

  32. Nice Blog. I gather lot of information about Engineering Colleges in Jaipur. I heard Manipal University is one of the Top 5 Engineering Colleges in Jaipur. Thanks for sharing this blog.

  33. Good engg. college in jaipur
    1. JECRC
    2. GIT
    3. ARYA Group of Colleges
    4. SKIT
    5. Poornima Group of Colleges

  34. I thik rtu is farji...

  35. i have readen whole information of this blogs first of all i will thanks all the person who give useful information about every good collge of jaipur bt now i am fully confused that which college will be best to get admission in jaipur because about every top college some say this is nt gud n some say this is gud please suggest the college which one have every gud quality like discipline, study, extra-circular activity, placement. I will be oblige who will give the whole information about gud college in jaipur you can give information at my email Thank you

  36. Thanks for sharing this blog.Manipal University Jaipur is Top Ten Colleges in Rajasthan.Placement Cell facilities also available in Manipal Jaipur.

  37. Hey guyz! N wat abt Jaipur Engg. College, Kukas (JEC). Is this a gud collg to take admission.
    And which1 is bettr, jec or yagyavalkya.??

  38. i believe that all colleges are good
    the result depend on student attitude

  39. shankara institute of technology, in kukas jaipur is a fake university...i was a student there and left that collegein 3rd year. It was a big step for me but i did the right choice because there is no value of degree from this college...classes are not arranged on a regular basis. Chairman is fraud....interested in getting admissions in colleges rather than providing a quality of education.