How to Grow Hair?

I received lots of question's daily related to this problem. I am trying to give you best possible answers to somewhat cure this ever growing problem.

First of all we will discuss some natural remedies :-

Vitamins : Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

Vitamin A : serves to help the scalp produce sebum which is essential to the hair’s volume and fullness.
Sources of Vitamin A :-

Fruits:- Tomatoes, Water Melon, Peaches, Kiwi, Oranges, Blackberries

Vegetable :- Sweet Potato, Carrots , Spinach, Avocads, Green Pepper

Vitamin C :While lack of Vitamin C can actually lead to gradual or even excessive hair loss among men and women, it is best to load up on anything citrus so as to ensure a healthy looking mane.

Sources of Vitamin C :-

Fruits:-Kiwi,Strawberry,Orange ,Blackberries ,Watermelon ,Tomatoes Lime,Bananas ,Apples,Lemon ,Grapes

Vegetable :- Sweet Potato, Carrots , Spinach, Avocado, Green Pepper

Vitamin E : promotes the healthy circulation that the scalp needs.

Sources of Vitamin E :-

Fruits:-Kiwi,Blackberries ,Bananas ,Apples

Vegetable :- None

Nuts :-Nuts: Almonds ,Sunflower Seeds ,Pine Nuts/Pignolias ,Peanuts ,Brazil Nuts

The vitamins that make up the B complex are not only important to the many functions of the body and mind it can also be a good beauty tool for you too.

There are many minerals that are equally important in order to achieve healthy hair. Among these are silica, iron, iodine, copper and chromium, all of which helps to prevent hair loss. Copper also helps maintain the hair’s natural color and is important to the weight and structure of the hair. Iodine also prevents dryness of the hair as does zinc which teams up with Vitamin A for this purpose. Silica also helps to strengthen the hair. Sulfur is one of the prime building blocks of the hair and is essential to its structure. Selenium is important to keeping the scalp elastic and flexible. Potassium helps in the circulation in the scalp, encouraging the healthy growth of hair. Calcium, magnesium and manganese are all essential minerals for hair growth.

Chart of Vegetables and Minerals

What else can help?

  1. Scientists have found a link between smoking and hair loss - another reason to quit!
  2. Add Flaxseed Oil or Evening Primrose Oil to your daily supplements.
  3. Make sure you have sufficient (not too much!) Vitamin A and a good Vitamin B complex.
  4. Zinc and Copper are important trace elements to promote healthy hair growth.
  5. Eat a healthy diet with lots of fresh fruit and raw vegetables.
  6. Avoid harsh hair chemicals or heat from hair dryers or heated rollers.
  7. Protect your hair from the sun by using a hat.

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