Computer science vs Mechanical vs Electronics engineering

Lot of Students in India ask this question. When they passed there 12th class they have no idea about the various branches in technical field.

Now we will take look on each branch one by one and compare it with remaining two :-

Comparison of Electronics and Communication(EC), Computer Science (CS) and Mechanical Engineering(ME) :-

EC Vs C S :- Both branches are good and have demand in India.

EC stundent has one advantage that he can get placement in computer science companies (such as Satyam, infosys or TCS) as well as Electronics Company 's (such as Sony erricson, Nokia, Secure Meters).

CS student has lots of opportunities in software and Hardware field in India. But he can't able to go in Ec Companies.

EC Vs Mechanical :- These two are very different. But Mechanical Branch is one of the oldest and toughest branch in engineering field with very few placement opportunities in India , to have placements you need to do further studies or specialization.
Placement for Mechanical Branches are from Automobile Sector, Aeronautics's. Etc

Cs vs Mechanical :- Cs Branch is very easy in comparison to both mechanical and electronics. But its all depend upon interest. If someone has interest in studying computer language C , C++ they he should opt for computer science. But if student do not have interest in computer languages than he can opt Mechanical engineering.

Conclusion By :-

Electronics and Communication

Advantage :- More placements

Disadvantage :- Difficult and lengthy course. Only studious or interested student should opt.

Computer Science

Advantage :- More scope in India because of its IT Revolution

Disadvantage :-Placements are only in computer field.
If you do not understand C and other languages you will not be placed whatever your percentage is .Because most of the interview questions are from these languages.

Mechanical Engineering :-
Advantage :- Easy placement for intelligent students

Disadvantage :- Difficult to score marks
further studies required.
Few campus Placements

Information Technology :-
As one of our blog reader asked me to add information technology to this post , i am writing about it. I left this section before because it is very much similar to computer science.

Computer Science and Information Technology 's syllabus is very much same. Information technology is new branch and it is related to internet. As its name signifies it is all about information and technology. How information is transmitted from one place to other using internet or technology.
In India, placement opportunities for both computer science and information technology is same but if student is more inclined toward internet and networks in comparison to basics of computer he can opt IT as his of her branch.

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