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Interview Questions

Q1. Introduce Yourself
Ans . I am CG , I am pursuing BE( Computer Science) . I am a self motivated person and believe in positive attitude.
I want to contribute towards organization’s objective with my hard work and knowledge. I am confident that I will be an asset for the organization if give an opportunity to work.

Q2. Any Query?
Ans. What will be our job profile if we short listed?
->Can you please brief me about the various projects on which MBT is working?

Q3.Future Qualification?
Ans I will try to get some more qualification on certification. But it will depend on the work profile/domain I get with the organization. I think it will contribute more if qualification/ certification are related to your work field.

Q4. About MBT?
Ans Provides end to end IT service and solution to telecom industry. It is domain expertise in OSS & BSS( business supplement system), ISO 9001-2000, SEl-CMMI level 5 . Founded in 1986 Pune Headquarter. 15000 employee and Anand Mahindra is chairman.


Objective :- Seeking challenging job assignments in the industry and willing to utlize my skills, abilities and education to gain expertise and thus make myself an asset to the company.

è Ability to work in team.
è Readiness to learn and implement new things
è An attitude to take up challenging task with confidence.
è Self motivated/
è Review my own work whenever gets time to find mistakes (if any) and improve them in future.

è Get tensed if work is not completed on the time as expected and try to put more focus on it.
è Quality conscious -> it leads to more time to complete task.

How to achieve success in interviews?
Recently I got a chance to meet thousands of interviewers. And after meeting them I can say that there is very thin line or gap which separates successful candidate from unsuccessful.
In today’s scenario company’s not only want technical and educational skills but they want something more.

There are six very important features:

Team work
Global availability
Communication skill
Linear ability ( their potential of constant learning).
Presence of mind.

To achieve success in HR interview , your answers should be similar to what they want. For example when interviewer ask you what are your strength? Reply him that my strength is team work , innovation etc. etc..
When he ask you what is your weakness, answer him that you can’t work efficiently when you are alone you need a team, and you believe in team work. I think you get the point , answer according to his desire not yours.

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