How to tell if you have Affluenza ?

Earn more, Spend more, Want more ? Beware of the Affluenza Epidemic.

Do you agree with any of the following ?

* I would like to be a very wealthy person

* I often compare what I own with others

* Shopping or thinking about it preoccupies me.

* Possessions can be just as important as people.

* I admire people who own expensive things.

* The things I own are an indicatioin of how well I am doing.

* I would like people to comment on how attractive I look.

* I am less concerned with what work I do thatn what i get for it.

* If a friend isn't of use to me, personally or professionally, I usually end the friendship.

* I would like my name to appear frequently in the media.

Diagnosis- If you answered 'yes' to any of the questions above, then you have contracted the virus. The more you answered 'yes', the more infected you are and the greater your likelihood of becoming emotionally distressed.

I read this article in India's leading newpaper 'Times of India'.After reading this article I can say that atleast I am suffering from this Affluenza and I hope that you are not. If you are suffering too than i wanna give you one advice which i would follow myself from today onwards that please give time to your family and friends.

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  1. nice info. so many of my frnds have it!