Upload multiple photos on facebook at once

1.You can upload multiple photos on facebook in a snap using picasa uploader.

Download Picasa from here..

Installation and usage instruction

2.  Bloom : another facebook photo uploader

3. Keebler Flickr uploader

How to transfer photos from iphone to mac computer?

Transfer or Sync Photos and Videos with Your Computer :

On a Mac, you can transfer photos with Aperture or iPhoto 4.0.3 or later, and videos with iPhoto 5 or later.

On a PC, you can sync photos with Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0 or later.

You can also sync photos and videos from any folder on your Mac or PC that contains images.

How to start a business without money in india?

Most of the businesses from small to large have been started with little or no money, so you are not exception. Before starting any business, you should know - who's your customer?, what they need? ,How do you differ from your competitors, how much business you can get from these customers? If you have answers of all the above questions you can start business without money.

Here are few tips that will help you out :

1.Lend Money : Lend money from your relatives, friends or near one's. 

2.Rent a place : If it is not extremely necessary don't buy office , rent it and if you can get office for free such as your friends place, your home garage etc. its an added advantage.

2.Search for partners : This is one of the best option. Search a person as your partner who has money to invest and has same interest. He can be your friend , family member or person whom you know.

3.Share based staff : There is no harm in start ups to employ people with share in profit. It will save you lot of money and you will get support at no cost.

4.Keep focused : If your business do not generate profit initially ( most businesses don't ) keep your focus on improving your business and  find out if there's anything wrong?

5.Do Part time Job : People usually face difficulty (initially) to get running capital. So, if you get part time job: do it.

6.Negotiate everything : Always remember ! Every thing is negotiable, so negotiate with investment banks,customers and whomsoever involved with your business.

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BBC Hindi font for Windows Mobile

Step 1. Download raghu.ttf font from your windows mobile

Step2.  Now copy this font to Start-->File Explorer-->Windows-->Fonts folder

Step3. Open your browser and enjoy bbchindi.com in Hindi

How to deal with indian parents?

Indian parents are typically Indian. They force you to believe that generation gap still exist. But I can assure that by using few tricks you can deal with them easily.

1. Never hurt there ego : If your parent asks you to do something or tell you to act in particular way never say NO directly. Just say Yes i will try  but I don't wanna do it because

"say whatever you want in explanatory form with points" . 

Note: If they are with there friends or relatives never argue with them and do not apply above method. Whether you'll follow there instruction or not simply say YES, of-course.

Wait for the time when they would be alone and then talk to them about that issue.

Situation 1: They are not allowing you for night out with friends.

First of all select a parent who is easier to tackle and cool minded. ( Most probably your Mom)
Tell her what people do in night out? how much they benefit from it socially? How intelligent your friends are( they aren't !) but say it 

You don't need to tell her that you wanna go out , she figures it out herself. Then ask her "Mom please help me to take permission from DAD for night out.

If Mom says  she can't . Make her believe that she can and in that process if  she tells that she can't give you permission because "xyz" . Counter attack these points one by one from x to z.

Somehow (most probably) she gets ready. Let her get permission for you , if she gets then done if she can't then you still have a chance to convince your father with some promises such that I will study hard, I will never do things you don't like. I will come early in the morning things like that.

2.Share few minutes with them daily :  Make  a habit to talk to them daily. If you stay away from home then call them whenever possible. Tell them about your day , what happen in office or in school. What's happening around you. This will help them to understand you better and will let them know how you and your generation think.

3.Parents are not enemy : They are not your enemy. Always remember whenever you get into trouble they  will help you more in comparison to anyone else. If they don't like something about you or they don't like your friend , then think about this impartially. Find out reason's why don't? If you figure out that they are wrong then present yourself with your point of view and reason.

I hope it helps

Jaipur volvo online booking

There is online booking available for  RSRTC for Deluxe, Volvo and AC bus. You can book online tickets for routes from  

Jaipur to
Ahmadabad ,
Udaipur ,
Jodhpur  or Ganganagar

and from  

Delhi to 

Click here for official website for online booking of volvo buses.

Take care of eyes naturally

Eyes are one of the most important part of our body. Do you think how much we care about them? Eyes do not need extra care but by doing some little changes they will get there deserved care.

1. Whenever possible try to see as far as possible.

2. If your computer user , give rest to your eyes in every half hour by looking away from the screen for two minutes and if possible by washing them with cold water. Remember to fill your mouth with water before doing that.

3.Do eye exercise by moving your eye lids from left to right, top to bottom.

4. If you know something about Triphala ( Ayurveda Medicine ) wash your eyes every morning  with it. Procedure : Take a glass of water and put one spoon triphala in it. Leave it for night and In the morning filter it with some cloth and after that wash your eyes with this filtered solution.

5. Drink as much water as you can.

6. Rub your hand and move them gently on and around your eyes.

7. While watching TV , remember to blink your eyes in regular intervals.

These are some basic tips based on my experience and readings but still I am not a doctor , concern expert for guidance.

How to answer multiple choice questions ?

Multiple choice questions are not that easy as they appear. But if you know the correct way to approach the test it will become much more easier for you.

1. Never guess in negative marking questions.

2. If there is any function in the question , use substitution method. For eg is f(x)=x+1  and to prove something there are four options for the value of x. Put these four options (one by one)  in above function. Most probably you will get the answer.

3. If you get the answer easily, check your method again. Objective question are not likely to be straight forward. For eg Add 10 percent area of circle in it's own area and then subtract 10 percent from area you get. What's the remaining area? Its straight answer is "equal" ; but it is not and you know why?

4. If you wanna guess something in objective question guess most awkward answer in the options. For eg if there are four values given such as (a) 1  (b) 3 (c) 5 and (d) root 3 * 5

Then choose root 3 * 5 , Trust me, you'll never regret.

5. Never give too much time to any single question but attempt as many question as you can. Most of the student give lack of time as a reason of there failure.

6. When you start your preparation , do it as you wanna get best grade in exam and when you write your exam don't expect anything from you. It will ease your pressure.

I hope it helps

How to compile a java program ?

1.Open command prompt using Start-->Run---> type cmd

2.In command prompt type cd c:\ java ( or your java directory path name)

3.Now type javac Xyz.java ( replace Xyz with your file name)

4.If compiled successfully type java Xyz


Helpful articles :

Hello Word for Microsoft windows

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how to prepare for gre and toefl?

Gre is no different than any other competitive exam. To score good marks in gre, you need regularity in your studies as well as sufficient time. In this article I will tell you all about gre and toefl with the names of helpful books and sites.


First of all what is Gre ?

Official Website of GRE Test (Graduate Resource Examination)

Free Material :

GRE practice book provided by ETS ( 2.35 MB PDF)

An Introduction to Analytical Writing test of GRE General test

Verbal and Quantitative sections

Math Review

Practice Papers

Gre Practice general test


What is toefl ?

Official website for toefl

There are two types of tests in toefl :

1.IBT (Internet based test)

2.PBT (Paper based test)

To start preparation, you need to know available format at your location. Find your format

Free Test Preparation


Lexile Framework

Toefl Ibt sample questions

Toefl IBT Test Tips


Sample Questions

Sample writing topics

How to Run ISO file from Hard Drive ?

To run ISO file from hard disk drive :

1. Download winrar

2. Open winrar and then browse to iso file and click it.

3.Copy all files to any folder.

4.Open folder and run it.

How to find ip address of computer?

Do you wanna find out yours computer ip , its very easy.

1. Open Start-->Run and type cmd

2. Type netstat -n

3. There are two addresses, local address is your ip.


Learn to find Ip address of Website.

UT Star UT -330R2U- WiFI ( Type-II) settings

Wifi Settings
i. Open the browser and type the url
ii. Type username admin and password admin in login window.
iii. Click on the ‘Interface Setup’ on menu bar and select ‘Internet’. See that the VPI value is ‘0’ and VCI value is ‘35’. Select ISP as PPPoA/PPPoE. Enter username and password (given by BSNL) and click on Save.

Wi-Fi Security Configuration:

i. Click on ‘Interface Setup’ and select ‘Wireless’
ii. Select authentication type Wep-128Bits and enter 13 digit key. ( You need to configure same key in your laptop/PC)

How to create connection in win xp ?

Start-->Control Panel-->Network Connection ---> Add new connection-->Next--->

1.Now select connect to the internet radio box.

2. Select connect to the internet broadband require username and password. (second option) click next

3.Give Isp name as 'bsnl' or whatever you want.click next

4.enter username and password (given by bsnl) and click next

5. Your done, create shortcut and finish.

How to answer case study questions?

Case studies are done to check your analytical thinking and reasoning. To crack case study interviews :

1.Answer confidently with complete analysis and reasons.

2.Avoid using strong words such as "must be" , " definitely" , etc. You should use word's like "In my opinion", "this should be" .

3.Case studies do not have perfect answers, so keep eye contact and close look on interviewer body language.

4. Listen question carefully and if you don't understand it, ask to repeat ( Do not hesitate).

5.Interviewer wanna find out ,you get to the conclusion with limited facts or not. So, you have to give specific reasons for your facts.

6. Let the Interviewer know what your thinking.

Websites which can help you in your case studies :

Mit Career Office

Mckinsey & Company Interview Tips

Helpful PDF 's :

Case Interview Resources
Preparing for your case interview
Pdf from Claremont Graduate University

Video :

Mastering Case Interview Question

How to Negotiate salary with HR ?

Why Negotiate?

Usually Employers offer salary lower than they can pay  and if you ask for more you will get more.

Can I do it?
Of course you can, this is an art and with few basic tips you can master it.

Helpful Articles

Some websites links and suggestions from Harvard business school

Are you really ready to negotiate?

Tools which can help :

Salary Calculator

Pdf files

Smart Salary Negotiating

Principles of Negotiating salary and Employment packages

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Email alert on mobile

Yahoo : 

Open yahoo mobile site : mobile.yahoo.com
Register for alerts.

Gmail :

Open http://www.google.com/mobile/mail/
Follow the instructions.

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How to send and receive free sms from services like gmail,orkut,blogger and google alert.

Hotmail : 

Open mobile.live.com

There are other services who can provide you email access , but as i have not used them i can't guarantee there security and services.

Following are the names and url's of these services :

1.Way 2 Sms http://wwwo.way2sms.com/content/index.html .
2.Sms Country http://www.smscountry.com/Email_Alert_SMS.asp

I hope it helps, but if you know better solution or service provider please do mention in comment.

How to transfer files or songs in blackberry?

Transferring files from blackberry to computer is not as difficult as it appears. To transfer file you need to have Blackberry desktop manager. You will find this software in a kit which comes with blackberry or you can download it from here.  After downloading , follow these steps :
  1. Connect your device to your computer.
  2. Open the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
  3. Click Media Manager.
  4. Drag a file or folder from one location to another
This method can be used for various other purposes such as transfer files from :

Nokia to Blackberry or vice versa :

First of all sync your nokia files using Nokia Pc Suite or Ovi solution. Open "My Computer"  , you will find new disk drive for Nokia Phone.

Open it and transfer files from Nokia Phone to computer and with the above method transfer them to Blackberry.

Blackberry to iPhone : 

Transfer files with the help of above method to your PC. After that sync these files in ipod using iTunes.

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how to check bsnl broadband usage?

Checking bsnl usage is not so difficult as it appears. It is three step process :

1. Open Dataone Website which is dataone.in .

2. Click on Usage Detail portal which is at the bottom on right hand side as shown.

3.Enter your Portal Id  and password .

4.Now click on View your Post Paid Usage.

5.Its done , now select the month which broadband usage you wanna see.

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Top 10 private engineering colleges India

After school tension to get admission in good college starts.I have prepared this list for those students who are average(academically) and wanna groom there personality to match international standards.Colleges in this list provide atmosphere  to the student which groom his or her overall personality. You will not find private colleges like Bits Pilani in my list because they are not approachable by average student and to take admission in these college is distant dream for bright but not brilliant student, which most of us are. The other reason for not including top ranking colleges is that every one knows about them. If I give you list of top colleges which includes all IIT's, NIT's and top private college as all the sites and magazines do , it will not help you in any way.

If you find that colleges which deserve to be here but still not find place in this list ,leave comment

The list of top 10 engineering private colleges in India( personality development wise ) is :

1. Nirma Institute of Science and  Technology, Ahmedabad

2.Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) , Vellore

3.Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication, Gandhi Nagar (Gujrat)

4.Amity School of Engineering. and Technology, Noida.

5.Sardar Patel College of Engineering , Mumbai

6.Manipal Institute of Technology , Manipal

7.MIT , Pune

8.Dr DY Patil , Mumbai

9.Laxmi Niwas Institute of Information Technology

10.Modi Institute of technology and Science ( only for girls)