How to remove header already sent error message in php?

You can remove this error in two steps :

1. There should not be any text (even space) before your header include request.

2. Set Encoding of your file in ANSI Mode(Open your file in Notepad-->Click save as-->set encoding type to ANSI)

I hope it helped!

Adding number existing contact from call log in Blackberry

I got lot of queries regarding this question. I am amazed that why blackberry is not doing something about it. There is not one key solution for this problem, but using other functions of our bb phone we can solve this problem.

Step 1. Open call log

Step 2. Select Phone Number

Step 3. Press Menu Key and select copy

Step 4. Now open your contacts from your device

Step 5. Select name of the person where you want to put this new number

Step 6. Press menu key and select edit

Step 7. Paste new number.

I know this is not the best solution but I am working on it. As soon as I found something else, I will upload it.

I hope it helped!

Silent blackberry while ringing

Often there is a case when we get a ring at the wrong time. So what is the way to silent our BB phone without disconnecting the phone. Blackberry has very easy method to do it, on the top right hand side of your phone , there is button of mute. When someone calls , just press that button and your phone will become silent.

I hope it helps