Post postcard from your phone itself

If you are like me who is little bit old fashioned and who still loves to send postcard to friends,than Post Card on the run is for you.This app recently got massive boost when it attracted investment from celebrities like Selena Gomez. 

What this application actually do?
 Imagine snapping a photo with your iPhone and instantly sending it as an actual postcard to friends or family.You only need to capture photo and decide where to send it , all the remaining work would be done by application owners. If sometime you don't remember your friends address, this application has Postal Gopher which helps you out to find that. Moreover you can add your personal messages too.

Does it run on my phone?
Right now it is available for iphone (apple ios) and android (google phones)only ,but I hope soon it would be available on all the mobile platform.
How to Pay for this application ?
You can pay either by credit card or paypal.

Download app from here

Video Surf great way to search video online

When Microsoft recently bought Israel start up video searching site Videosurf for 70 million dollars, It made me think that what this site has to offer which other sites don't have? After using this site from last two and three days I can say that it is really good search engine.

For example , when I searched for my favorite TV show Friends on all 3 popular search engines such as google video , bing video and video search of yahoo . I find that I get most relevant results from Videosurf, not only that, videosurf gave me options to select different seasons.

Another advantage with videosurf is that , It show us glimpse of video in the form of frames of images right below the video in the search results. Moreover,  it also tells us particulars about the video such as episode, season and other stuffs like that.

Facebook and Twitter login for your php site

Social Networking sites have become very vital for anyone on the web.These websites provide API to other sites to allow them limited access.This includes login access to social networking site.Many sites started to use third party social sites login system as there own. It is beneficial for both site administrator and end users because end user don't need to register again and site administrator gets secured login system without doing much coding.

You can also have facebook connect or twitter login on your site with open source tool Hybridauth . It provides login system for not only facebook and twitter but with almost all the famous social networking sites on net such as , linkedin , myspace and even google. The main goal of HybridAuth is to act as an abstract api between your application and various social apis and identities providers such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Google.

Download Hybridauth and get your login system now!

Get the news around you instantly on your iPhone

If you want to know what's happening around you , than you don't need to read local newspaper nor internet because roamz app will help you out in that.Recently launched roamz is liked by everybody. This application index data from twitter, facebook ,foursquare and instagram.

Top 5 Open Source softwares you should know about

The term open source describes practices in production and development that promote access to the end product's source materials.Open source technology has been widely adapted and used by global community. With the help of this technology you can easily complete your office or home's work. Moreover , for doing all this you don't need to change your operating system (windows XP , Mac or Ubuntu) or  nor you need to buy expensive software because in open source everything is free.

PDF Forge :
Most of us use Adobe Acrobat to create pdf files.Adobe Reader(Free software,used for reading only) is different from Adobe Acrobat(Paid one,reading and writing). In the place of Adobe Acrobat you can use any open source pdf creater such as PDF Forge. Using it you can create any number of PDF files for free and it is also available as windows application.


Ubuntu :
To run any application on our computer we need operating system.The most used operating system is Microsoft Windows, but it is licensed one. If you want to use operating system which is free , you can download unix based os Ubuntu. Advantage with ubuntu is that you can run it on Windows just as any other application. There are other linux distributions too such as : Open Suze , Fedora  but I like Ubuntu most.

Open office :

We all have worked on MS Office once in a while. It is one of the best software ever written. Its business applications are extremely popular such as Word, Excel and Power point. But if you are looking for office suite which are free,then openoffice is best option for you.It includes Word Processor Writer, Spreadsheet,Presentation, drawing and graphic tools.It is very easy to use, there are tools available to generate formulas and equations.It has been developed by Sun Microsystems as a counterpart of MS Office.

Ink Scape :
Coral Draw graphics suite is one of the most popular drawing software application. With the help of it you can do job of desktop publishing easily.Its open source option is ink scape. It is 2D Vector Graphic editor.It is so good that you will never miss coral draw again.


Gimp :
Adobe Photoshop is one of the most famous graphic edition software.Its every new version presents various new image editing and drawing techniques.Its is known to be one of the most trendy and latest drawing application but if you are looking for its open source counterpart than you can use gimp.Gimp means : GMU Image Manipulation Program.It is one of the oldest graphic application.

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Business Intellegence with the help of Social Media

A Start up Wisewindow from California has implemented a unique idea of developing business intelligence with the help of data which people are sharing at social networking sites such as facebook,tweeter or linkedin ext.

WiseWindow captures millions of Web conversations daily and distills them into a real-time view of consumer sentiments across many industries—so that you can see the bends before you come to them.It includes industries such as Airline, Automotive, Consumer Electronics ,Movies , Music and many more.

With the help of this tool , you can get real update of what people in the social circuit talking about brands in the above sectors. Sometime with the help of twitter data,you will get rough idea about which script to buy and which should you avoid. So what you are waiting for .Give wisewindow a try!  

Tweets of your favorite bollywood star

We all want to know about stars life, What they are doing? What they are thinking right now? Who knows better about them ,than stars themselves. Tweetidol is a place where you will get all latest information about them through twitter api.It is good site for Indian celebrities which is inspired from its US counterpart which  follows Hollywood tweets.

With Tweetidol, you can follow almost all celebrity tweets at one place. Using it we can read tweets of celebrities without even knowing about there official twitter id. Moreover , there are other benefits too such as we always get tweets from genuine account. If you have temptation for celebrity lives than this site would be great experience for you.

Personalized your Search with Trapit

Web is getting bigger and better with each passing day. There is lot of search engines around like google and bing who are trying there every bit to improve our search experience. So, Do you really think we need another search engine?

Yes , because as web is getting bigger, it is difficult for us to follow all the information we want to see with present search engines. Trapit is a search engine which provides you personalized search experience where everything important seems to follow you.

I have started using Trapit just by now , and I am amazed to see how much technology can help us. In this search engine select your favorite stories and instantly you will start getting updates about it.I can't predict what would happen in future but by experience , I can say that Trapit is going to be next big story on web.

How to find positives in your failures?

In this world no body wants to be a looser. Every one wants success in life.Sometime they achieve it sometime they don't.It happens many time that despite our great effort and determination, we could not able to reach our goal. In that time of difficulties , instead of getting sad and depressed ,it is much better to get out of failure as soon as possible.If you give emphasis on some important points, your failure can become formula of your success.

What is success ?

Before trying for success , it is important to define it. Every one has different measures of success.Someone's success is to earn 10 dollars a day while other one take it as a failure.Most of the confusion starts from definition of success itself,so what are our parameters for success? If you decide your parameters of success , you will get to know failures parameters too. That would help you to clearly define your goal.

Analysis is important :

Addison once said that by failing 1000 times, he get to know 1000 different ways of not getting results.In the same way, if you analyze your every defeat,you can get some positive out of it.Moreover you would know what went wrong last time to not to repeat it next time.

Never Demoralize yourself :

People who, blame themselves for their failure,finds it difficult to move forward in life, but it doesn't mean that you blame others for your failure.So instead of playing blame game,accept your failure with a calm mind and start planning for the future.

Be brave :

Never loose hope from one or two failure because life always give a second chance and it may be possible that your failure itself is building your path to success.Learn a lesson from it and keep focus on your goal. You will definitely get your success.Listen to Steve Jobs commencement speech at Stanford University, you will know that points connect (failure or success), you don't realize now but in future when you look back, you would say thank god for these failures.It brings me closer to you and my goals both.

Make your TV Watching Interesting and Exciting

In the world of Social Networking , it is difficult to keep away our temptation to tell our friends what we are watching and sharing things about our favorite shows. goMiso is the new application using which you can share your TV Watching experience with friends and gets update from them about what they are watching.

Its user interface is similar to facebook, so it won't be difficult for you to learn it. Moreover , it is available on almost all mobile and tablet platform.

Predict my future for Free in Hindi

Prashnavalli  of Ram Shalaka written by Tulsidas is ancient way used by many Indians to predict whether work they are thinking about would happen or not. To use Ram Shalaka , there is three things to be followed :

1. Think about Ram and your question.

2. Select any word from Ramsalakha without thinking too much.

3. Read the predictions.

How to delete your facebook account permanently?

In the time of Social Networking , it is difficult to get away from facebook for the single day.But there are few people who has fed up of facebook and want to delete their account.Moreover , there are some users who initially added too many friends and now they want to start from a fresh.

When there is need to search for a option to delete a account, usually people don't find that option in there facebook page. Facebook doesn't provide deleting account feature in there general setting options. If you do some hard work then too , you will reach a point to deactivate your account.

Actually deleting your account on facebook is easy using this link . Now, remember one thing that you should not login with your deleted account for at least two weeks to completely deleting it.

How to Add Two numbers in Abacus ?

Top to Bottom :

Abacus is divided into two parts: upper one is having only one bead and they are as called heaven beads with worth 5 while lower ones are known as earth beads with worth each one.

Left To Right :

From Left to Right there are 13 columns which counts from (A , B , C ,D to M). Each column has different value of weight associated with it. For Eg. (A B C D E) are for millions , (F G H I ) are for 1000s 100s 10s and unit weight , (J K L M) are for decimals ?
Example: Add 4 + 5 ?

Step 1. First of all we will select lower of these numbers which is 4.

Step2. Set number 4 on abacus by pushing right most(M) earth bead upwards.

Step 3. Now add 5 more with pushing heaven bead lower in M

Now when you count these beads you will get your answer which is 9.

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How to Host PHP Websites at your Home Computer?

Hosting PHP Website at home has its own security risks but it is not difficult as most of you think. To host a Website you need IP address(Dynamic or Static) which you already have because you are reading this blog and Server Software like Apache or IIS and domain name.If you are using PHP and MySQL at your home computer then your computer has server installed which is either Apache or IIS. If some of you don't then should first install it from wamp.

1. Make sure that your computer has Server  Software Installed :

Download Wamp(Wamp is for windows , Lamp is for Linux) according to your Operating System(Linux , Windows or MAC) from this website. Install it and move your php files into root folder of wamp which is usually www , if your server software is different than it would be htdocs.

Now,as you moved all your files to the root folder of Apache Server ,check whether your server is working or not, by typing localhost/your_folder_name/file_name.php into the address bar of your browser. If you get the expected output then everything is working fine and you can move to step 2.

2.Hosting server needs Static Ip address , if you have that then move to step 3 , if you don't have static ip address or don't even know the meaning of ip then read this step :

Whenever one computer connects with another computer on any network it needs a unique address like we need home address to get our letters, this address is called IP (Internet Protocol) Address which is like Whenever we connect to the internet , our Internet Service Provider allots IP address to our computer from a range of IP Addresses ,this type of allotment is called dynamic if it changes whenever we reconnect our internet and the similar address is called static when it doesn't change irrespective of our connecting or disconnecting.

Static cost us more price than dynamic and usually common user don't need static ip at all.

If you don't have static ip , I assume you don't then you should try searching some good dynamic dns web service on google , which would provide you service for free to use your existing dynamic address to host website.

3. If you are using broadband as I do then you need to change factory settings of your modem , so that it can forward any request on port 80 to your localhost wamp server.

There are many ways to do so, each vary with different modems but generally you should type in your address bar which opens up your modem control panel. If it asks for username and password and you don't know them, just type admin as username and password both(It usually works). After that click on Add NAT which is in Advanced Setting Tab of your modem home page. In NAT, write 80 for both UDP and TCP  in there respective boxes. 80 is a Port number which is used for Web Services like http requests. Select both TCP and UDP as your packet types and in IP address, type your computer's ip address which you can find using ipconfig in command prompt.
4. Add Exception to all of your firewalls so that they allow any request from port 80 on your computer.You can find windows firewall in Control Panel.

5. Congratulations ! You have done it. I know there is still large scope of improvement for this article but it is a vast topic and I tried my best to make it as compact as possible.Moreover , I will keep improving it according to your suggestion and comments. Bye for Now.

How to get best free astronomy apps ?

Google Sky Map for Android : Sky Map is a real time application which uses GPS to find out your current location and shows many stars , constellations and even you can watch distant galaxies using this app. When you move your android device in air you can watch stars in different positions. With the help of this application even you can search new stars and constellations.

Google sky

Stellarium for iPhone and iPad : With the help of this application you can watch planets and their satellite in space itself. If you move your tablet 360 degree, you can see different placements of constellations. Important thing is that you can zoom in and out as well as watch in 3D.

SkyORB for iPAD : With the help of this application you can watch 3D Sky red ring and 3D planetarium view. In this app there are other facilities such as Search Engine, Sun Clock , Weather Prediction and Digital Compass.

Star wars Planetarium : With the inspiration of Star wars Death star this table top planetarium has been build. With the help of it , you can watch earth's night sky and star war galaxies.

You will need 3 AAA batteries to power it. It has informative learning guide so you can recognize different solar systems and planets

Star theater Pro : This planetarium has adjustable focus and LID light source. With the help of this application whole galaxy can come into your room.According to device placement ,we can adjust projection angle to get best output.

There is motorized image rotation which can be adjusted according to you comfort.It has automatic timer which get switched off after set time.

Laser Pod : Laser Pod takes you in space.With the help of Laser and LID ,you can draw colored image.It comes with two styles which are galaxy and supernova.  It is famous as Modern day Lava lamp because of its various patterns and colors.
You can buy this product at in 70 dollars. This software helps student to understand astronomy.

Sky watcher nexstar :With the help of Nexstar 60 MLT strong database you can search for meteoroids and it is used for earth view too.

Camera Adapter :  In this device you can attach camera with Telescope eye piece  . You can take multiple pics with the help of that. You can buy it from in Rs 660.

How to replace label with other strings in bloggers ?

Sometime we need to change the name "label" with other names such as categories,similar links or things like that. You can do it easily using following steps :

Step 1. Open Blogger and click on template  

Step 2. Click on Edit HTML and Proceed

Step3. Expand Widget and search for string given below using F3.

Step 4. Replace it with other names such as Categories or whatever you want .

Step 5. Its done , Enjoy!

How to add line to seperate each post in blogger ?

Sometime we need to add line to between each post to show separation between them. It becomes very easier with advanced css option in blogger template. These steps will help you with this task :

Step1. Open blogger and click on blog name

Step 2. Click on Template which is in left sidebar.

Step3. Now click on Customize.

Step 4 Click on "advanced" just below the layout option

Step 5. In advance option click on Add CSS  and paste the following code inside it :

.post-footer {
border-bottom: 1px dotted #666666;
margin-top: 0;
margin-$endSide: 2px;
margin-bottom: 0;
margin-$startSide: 3px;

Step.6 Save it and check your blog , you will see line appearing just below the each post. I hope it helped!

Top 10 free Cloud Storage

Free Storage :  10 GB

Extra Storage : 10 Dollars / 100 GB

Advantages :
  • Easy Downloading
  • Online Zip Files
  • Zip File Preview
  • Social Media File Sharing
  • Computer Codes for Files
  • Password Protection for Folders
  • Video Streaming 
  • Apps for Windows, Macs , Linux , Android , Symbian , Blackberry and Android

Free Storage : 50 GB
Extra Storage : 14 Dollars / 100 GB
Advantages :
  • Facility for Folder Uploading
  • File History Recovery(Including Overwritten Files)
  • Integrate Zoho Document Editor
  • Apps for Windows and Linux

Free Storage : 25 GB
Extra Storage : Not Applicable
Advantages :
  • Private Folders
  • Shared and Public Folders
  • Direct Links for Files and Folders
  • Permissions for Every Folder

Free Storage : 2 GB
Extra Storage : 20 Dollars / 500 GB
  • Version History Saved for one Year
  • Apps for Windows and Linux
  • Automated Backup

Free Storage : 5 to 50 GB
Extra Storage : 500GB/15 Dollars
Advantages :
  • Mobile Apps for Various Platforms
  • Upload and Download from Mobile Browser
  • Password Protected Sharing
  • Access from third party Apps
  • Synchronize from Desktop Files

Free Storage :2 GB
Extra Storage : 100 GB / 20 Dollars
Advantages :
  • Connecting successfully with friend gives 250 MB Free
  • Apps for Windows, Macs , Linux , Android , Symbian , Blackberry and Android
  • You can Share your folders very easily
  • Recover your deleted files
  • Drop box is very user friendly , I myself use it to share files with friends and family
Google Drive 

Free Storage: 5 GB
Extra Storage: Upgrade to 25 GB for less than $2.50 a month

Advantages :

  • Available for PC and Mac, iPhone and iPad (coming soon) and Android devices
  • Google Drive gives you instant access to Google Docs.
  • Google Drive helps you get to your files faster.
  • It has optical character recognition , which helps to search word even from images.

Free Storage :2 GB
Extra Storage : 100 GB / 10 Dollars
Advantages :
  • Connecting successfully with friend gives 5 GB Free
  • Apps for Windows, Macs , Linux , Android , Symbian , Blackberry and Android
  • Save Version History for each file
  • 2 Way test for extra Protection

Free Storage :500 GB
Extra Storage :12 dollars / 30 days and 99 dollars / 730 days
Advantages :
  • Free file storage for 90 days
  • 2TB space for paid account
  • Facility to resume download
  • Unlimited Storage Time 
  • All the above things make filefactory better

Free Storage : Unlimited
Extra Storage : Unlimited
Advantages :
  • Widgets to share files in Blogs and Forums
  • Manage Files according to there type
  • Apps for Windows, Macs , Linux , Android , Symbian , Blackberry and Android
  • Integrated music player to play uploaded music

Free Storage : Unlimited
Extra Storage : Ad Free Pro Account for 9 , 19 and 69 dollars / month
Advantages :
  • 500 GB free for successfully connecting with friend
  • Apps for Windows, Macs , Linux , Android , Symbian , Blackberry and Android
  • 2 Way test for extra Protection

Email Providers
7.5 GB + + 25 MB Attachment limit
Unlimited + 25 MB Attachment limit

Windows live
5 GB + 25 MB Attachment limit

Unlimited + 50 MB Attachment limit