3G A generation ahead

What is 3g?

Many readers of this blog are asking me about 3g and they want more explanation about it. In this post I will tell you about advantages of 3g without going into technical complexity.

1. Video Call and Conferencing

2. Mobile Tv

3. 2 Mbps speed of high internet connection on mobile

4. Video on demand

5. Fast Video Streaming and online gaming

6.Complex Multimedia experience

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How to study for exams?

Take exams as a journey of life and not destination. In my own experience success in education is not at all dependent on success of life. Exam is not a judgment of student life.

Sitting posture :
Spinal cord should be of 90 degree . Its improve your concentration and memory.

Study on table and chair or dinning table. Avoid studying on bed.

How to study?

Make habit of preparing notes while studying. Benefits of Note making is that you will not need to revise big books before the exams.

There are three methods to prepare notes :

1. Numbered list

It is list of important points

2. Notes in two column

one column is for important points and second is for outline.

3. Notes in three column

Two columns are same as above and third one contain question that can asked from first two column.

For Reading

open book and move your finger below the words while read and read it loud.

Ask yourself questions about the paragraph you read.

Read textbooks not guides ( prefer small books in comparison to big books)

If you are solving difficult problem write it and try to solve it in writing. Take ten deep breath daily like pranayama or yoga.

Discuss :

If it is possible , try to discuss topic you have studied with your friend or family member.Study shows that we remember more when we discuss then when we read.

Use :

I have seen many students who thinks that things they are studying has no relevance in their life. I strongly oppose this thinking. I highly recommend you to use your book knowledge in real life. For eg. If you are learning vocabulary , try to use it, with your regular language. While learning areas, you can calculate area of your house and calculate its cost by using per square feet value of your neighborhood.Students who are learning simple interest and compound interest , can find loan EMI for their parents.I can't discuss all the things here but I hope you get my point.

Students interested in doing projects can get build their project using my project ideas blog.
During examination

Try to solve question paper in two third time and save one third time for rechecking.

How to prepare for exams?

There are different approaches to prepare for exams but I will discuss about most successful methods for preparing to score good marks in examination.

1.Change your mindset from result oriented to performance oriented.

The most common mistake we do is that while studying we start thinking about the result and its impact on our life.

Studying for result is known as result oriented approach. It is good to have aim(target) in mind but if aim becomes do or die issue then it has its negative effect such as stress.

Getting good or bad marks is not in our hand. Change your approach from result to performance oriented , in other words it should be like in your study time how much you learn, understand and grasp. Have you grasp more than what you have thought ? If not than what's the reason for falling behind your target.

Advantage :

Minimize your stress
Improve concentration

You will start enjoying your studies without worrying about results.

2. Take regular breaks while studying.

Study shows that human brain cannot concentrate more than 30 to 50 minutes continuously. So it is important for us to take a break for about 10 minutes to recharge our brain.

Some common recharging methods are :

Talking to a friend on phone it helps us to know that we are not alone.

Watching Tv or listening music.

Taking snacks

Going for jog

I mean whatever you like most you can do that.

3. Study time

It is one of the most important factor . According to research our brain has been in most active state from 5 Am to 8 Am and in the evening 7 Pm to 11 Pm.

That means , student who do their studies in morning hours or at evening has maximum retention power in comparison to other students.

Learn Time Management

4.What to Eat

When I was young I thought that how could we compare food and marks. But after studying human brain i know that I was wrong. Food has great impact on us in comparison to any other thing.

I bet that student who take healthy food can score 10 percent more than they usually score.

Please do not eat junk food

Student should eat things which supply continuous energy to there brain for long spam of time.

For eg Sprouted food , High protein diet , Green Vegetables etc .

You can get complete list from here

5. How to Study

Note making is one of the effective way. Learn more about how to study.

How to join Isro?

After ChandraYaan mission Isro become very popular among youngsters. I have received lots of email regarding this.

Isro ( Indian space research organization ) does come for campus placements to Indian Institute of Technology , so if you crack IIT and opt aerospace engineering from there , you can wait for Placement to come.

For others Isro has well updated Isro website which has complete information and pdf files about job opportunities.

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Tips for Group Discussion

A group Discussion consists of :

1. Communication skills

2. Knowledge and ideas regarding a given subject

3. Capability to co-ordinate and lead

4. Exchange of thoughts

5. Addressing the group as a whole

6.Thorough preparation

Why the GDs are organized?

1. To check the communication skills in a group

2. To check the confidence level in front of others

3. Your persuasive skills and ability to influence others

4. Your general awareness of the contemporary issues

5. Your command on the language

6. Your attitudinal traits like aggressiveness. Submissiveness

7. Your body language

8. Your assertiveness

Some Do's for the GDs

1. Try to initiate the discussion if you can , it gives you some premium

2. If not, try to among the first four speakers. Once the fish market sets in your entry will be difficult.

3. Participate at least three to four times in a 15 minutes GD.

4. Discuss the topic in a spirit of joint exploration.

5. Assert and protect your share of time from others.

6. Persist even you fail to enter the GD on a few occasions.

7. In a 15 minutes GD of 10 persons, a participation of 2 to 3 minutes is enough.

8. Your body language should be inclusive ( Smile , Open Posture , Leaning forward , Good eye contact and gentle Nod )

9. Take care of your tonality of voice, pause, pitch , volume,intonation and voice modulation.

10. Observe the correct timing of your participation.

11. Conclude the GD by highlighting the area of agreement among all participants , the majority view and minority view.

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