How to answer tell me about yourself?

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Quick Tips to Answering the Interviewer’s Question

Sample Questions and Answers frequently asked by interviewer

The best Answers to tough Interview Questions
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Interview Tips Tell me about Yourself :

A woman, interviewing for a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative position, answers the common interview question: Tell Me About Yourself. This is an example of an GOOD way to answer this question.

How to have more than one homepage in firefox?

1.Open Firefox

2.Click on Tools-->Options-->General-->Home page Tab

3.In homepage you can type any number of url's  you want as your home page. You need to put  this ( | ) symbol in between the names.

4.For eg. if I need Yahoo , Google and Bing as my home page. I will type | | 

in my homepage tab.

Answer sheets of cbse toppers

Answers of High Scoring Students of 2008 Examination
Class X
Subject Question Paper Answer Sheet
Science Question Paper Answer Sheet
Social Science Question Paper Answer Sheet
Mathematics Question Paper Answer Sheet
Hindi Course A Question Paper Answer Sheet
English Language & Literature Question Paper Answer Sheet
English Communicative Question Paper Answer Sheet

Class XII

Subject Question Paper Answer Sheet
Biology Question Paper Answer Sheet
Chemistry Question Paper Answer Sheet
Physics Question Paper Answer Sheet
Accountancy Question Paper Answer Sheet
Business Studies Question Paper Answer Sheet
Mathematics Question Paper Answer Sheet

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How to write business letters?

(optional[SENDER'S PHONE]
(optional[SENDER'S E-MAIL]



(Optional) Attention [DEPARTMENT/PERSON],


Re: [SUBJECT] [First Salutation then Subject in Business letters]



[VALEDICTION (Sincerely, Respectfully, Regards, etc.)],




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    How to Generate homemade electricity ?

    There are three ways to generate electricity at Home :
    1. Solar Energy
               Myth about Solar Energy 
               Alternative Energy Solar Energy (.5 MB approx PDF)
    2. Wind Energy
              Wind Energy Basics
              Wind Energy Teachers Guide

    3.Water Energy.
               Basics of Hydro Power
               Turbine Design Concepts (PDF download 500 kb approx.)
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    Home made generator

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    100 Percent Solar Powered House

    How to configure Bsnl wireless(Wifi) Modem?

    Most of the people using Bsnl Broadband don't know how to configure or install bsnl wifi modem. In this post I am giving you links which will help you to configure your modem.

    1. Presentation about Configuring Wifi Modem 

    2. Presentation about Securing Wifi Modem

    3. Configure ZTE ZXDSL 531 (TYPE-2) 4-LAN/Wireless LAN

    4. Configure UT300R2U - Wireless (Type II) Modem

    P.S : Enable NAT if it is disabled

    How to learn Circuit Making ?

    UVA Virtual Lab: Making an Integrated Circuit (IC) : This webpage depicts the step-by-step process by which the transistors of an integrated circuit are made.

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    Introduction to Electric Circuit Design(pdf)

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