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I am interested in applying for a Master’s programme in biotechnology. Could you please give me a list of courses and the eligibility criteria?

Eligibility of MSc in biotechnology is a bachelor’s degree in biology/physical/agriculture/veterinary science/pharmacy/engineering/four-year bachelor science in physician assistant course/medicine/forestry/fisheries with 55 % aggregate. However, many universities fix higher qualifying aggregate marks like 60 – 70%. Generally admission to postgraduate courses in biotechnology is on the basis of an entrance exam.

JNU-New Delhi, conducts a combined entrance exam on May 18,2007 for admission to 29* universities for MSc Biotech and two universities, the Anna University, Chennai and the West Bengal University of Technology, Kolkata, for MTech Biotech listed below with a * next to them. The last date for applying is March 16,2007.

Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh Allahbad Agricultural Institute Deemed University, District.
All India Institute of Medical Science, Jamia Millia Islamia*, and Jawaharlal Nehru University*, New Delhi

Banaras Hindu University , Varanasi*

Banasthali Vidyapith, Rajasthan

Birla Institute of Technology and Science(BITS), Pilani. MS Biomedical Science, four-year integrated course.

Chaudhary Devi Lal University and Guru Jambheshwar University* Haryana

Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Meerut

Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore*

GB Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Uttarcanchal*.

Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, Punjab*

Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla* IIIT –Roorkee, Uttaranchal.

Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi*

Kumaun University, Uttaranchal*

NIPER, Mohali

Punjabi University, and Thapar Institure of Engineering and Technology*

University of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

University of Allahabad, Allahabad.

I am in class X11 with physics, chemistry and biology. I am keen to know the courses in forensic science and its scope?

Forensic experts play a major role in the investigation of crime. As you have been following the Nithari killing being flashed in the national dailies virtually everyday, you would have read about the role played by forensic experts in identifying the victims and making sense of the clues.
As Forensic Science is all about applying scientific principles for crime investigation, forensic experts are drawn from a wide range of scientific disciplines. They work closely with the police to provide scientific evidence that is admissible in a court of law. Often the fate of a criminal case in court hinges on the availability of forensic evidence.

Due to sharp rise in the incidence of crime and fraud, there is an acute shortage of forensic scientists in the country. Opportunities exist in investigation agencies of the government such as the Intelligence Bureau(IB), the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), the CID, the Central Police Organization(CPO) and the crime cells of state police etc.

Forensic experts essentially work in forensic labs to establish labs to establish a link between the criminal and the crime committed by analyzing the physical evidence like hair, fibre fingerprints, blood, and semen discharged bullets etc obtained from the scene of the crime. Contrary to what we see in films, this is not a glamorous field. Instead , it involves a great deal of hard, painstaking work, besides endless appearances in court, although the satisfaction of having cracked a tricky case or having nailed a criminal is immense.

For the fist time, Delhi University has launched a unique BSc Honours course in forensic science. The course will be offered at SGTB Khalsa College, north campus and subsequently at other colleges. ]

Amity University, NOIDA,

Manipur University, Canchipur, Imphal

Dr Harivansh Gour Vishwavidyalaya, Sagar, Madya Pradesh.

Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, Orissa

Karnatak University offers BSc with criminology and forensic science/forensic anthropol as optional/core subjects.

Criminology is also offered as a subject at the BA level in many universities.

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How to decide which carrier is best for me?

Dreams galore

You all have worked hard to ensure that you come out with flying colours in your senior secondary exams. Now, what next after class XII? That question must have come up several times, probably even before you were out of school.
For those who are very sure about the career they want to choose it’s great. However there are many students who are eager to take off but are not sure which career option to choose.
Remember; it is not the number of alphabets in your qualification that lands you a pluml job but your kar ke dikhayega attitude.
This can come only with confidence, which in turn comes from rigorous preparation.
Earlier course options after higher secondary were rather limited to engineering, medical, CA , CS and ICWA, however today courses like BBA, BBS, BCA, BHM, BMS , integrated management and IT programmes etc., prepares a student for exciting careers in management and information technology.

Here‘s a brief idea about some of new age career options:


The need for good managers is bound to increase everywhere in the years to come. Resources are scarce and efficient management of these resources is the key to survival.
Management as a profession offers a promising future for those who possess leadership qualities, an analytical mind, problem-solving abilities, effective organizational and communication skills, and an excellent academic record. A Bachelor in Business Administration ( or studies) ( BBA or BBS), a three-year programme, is one of the most sought after courses at the under graduate level. This degree from a reputed university or college can ensure a sound start to rewarding and challenging career in management.
You can get entry-level professional jobs as management or executive trainee in banking, consultancy, finance, FMCG( fast moving consumer goods), consumer durables, information technology, industrial goods, advertising and other sectors.


Information Technology is seen as the vehicle for future development, the force that will shape our tomorrow. Computer’s and communication technologies are the main components of IT. Indian IT professionals are much in demand. They are taking the global software industry by storm with their sharp technical skills coupled with excellent command over English. The demand for Indian IT professionals at times far exceeds supply. This is the reason why several new institutes have come up, offering degree courses in Bachelor of Information Systems( BIT) and Bachelor of computer Application (BCA).


Commerce offers enormous opportunities with the increasing professionalism in all sectors of the economy, A student who wishes to be a Chartered Accountant ( CA ), Company Secretary ( CS), Cost or Management Accountant( accredited to the Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India or ICWAI), Mater of Business Administration(MBA) or plans to take up a career in the field of Commerce, normally pursues B.Com at the graduate level. A B.Com Degree course is offered by almost all the universities across India. Some colleges and universities conduct an entrance test for students. The test includes objective type questions on Economics, Money Banking, Accountancy, Business Organization, Mathematics, Language, etc.


In keeping with the changing times and in response to the new challenges posed by disappearing international borders, professionals in law are now needed to master new skills.
Yes, they are no longer mere lawyers in the traditional sense of the term but hardcore professionals with an international perspective and plenty of corporate savvy.
The legal profession is today one of the fastest growing and lucrative professions all over the world. It happens to be one of the most adventurous and exciting as well. One can pursue either a five year course after higher secondary or a three-year course after graduation in any discipline, leading to a B.A., LL.B(Hons). The five year course usually covers practical training too.

Hotel Management

The growth of domestic and international travel for business as well as pleasure has contributed greatly towards the growth of the hotel industry. Today easier and faster modes of travel are available and this has brought about a change in the attitudes of tourist from all over the world.
All over India there are more than 200 institutes which provide training in hotel management. Courses run by reputed hotel chains are the most coveted.

Skills needed to clear these tests : -

Many institutes giving degrees like BBA, BMS, Law, Hotel Management etc. conduct an entrance test which tests individuals on various aptitude areas like Maths, Logical Reasoning, Language Current and Business Awareness etc.

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How to stay connected ?

Staying connected

It doesn’t matter how excited you are about your partner if you are unable to stay on the same wavelength and keep a connection over time. Then it is possible that your relationship will suffer from major problems. To maintain that magical feeling of love and intimacy in a relationship we have to be willing to take charge of trhe quality of the connection in our relationships. The exciting thing is that it doesn’t matter if your relationship is at the prenatal stage or if it’s around 20-25 years old, these things will work to deepen your connection.

Express the feeling

Express to your partner what you feel about them every day. Do this even if you are in different corners of the world. Show your care. Saying “ I love you” doesn’t deepen a connection unless it’s accompanied by actions. Leave love notes under your partner’s pillow when you are going to be out of town. Hug your partner every time he/she walks in the door.

Nurture the kid within

Keep in mind that no matter how grown up your partner seems they are kids from within. We are all really just kids that have bodies that are ageing. Inside all of us are the unmet needs of our childhood as well as the playful spontaneous joyful child that we once were. Throughout the time you spend with your partner, see if you can notice the child inside them. Respond to that kid just as you would to a kid who has not yet grown older.

Bedtime stories

If you live together, go to bed at the same time, everynight. That means turning off the TV, the night-light and phone. This is your time together. Cuddle and talk, make love if the urge strikes but that is not the point. The point is to talk about your day, your worries and hopes. If you don’t live together, talk on the phone.

Touchy Business

Touch your partner as often as possible, and get them to touch you as often as possible. Skin to skin contact increases a hormone called oxytocin, the hormone of love. Oxytocin increases trust and a sense of safety; it reduces stress and increases your sexual arousal.

Play Time

Be playful in your interactions. Have a sense of humor in times of stress. Find something playful to do that you both enjoy. In our culture we tend to get serious and think that if an activity is not goal directed it has no purpose. Yet play expands your perception develops your imagination and gives us happiness.

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How to reduce your obesity?

Fat To Fit,
Take a Few Steps
Do you really have to hunt for clothes that will fit you?
Whenever there is a sale, do you come back disappointed because the clothes on sale are for ‘normal’ people?
Do you feel a little guilty when you bite burger?
To put it plainly, are you obese?
Even if you are, stop worrying. Just read on and find out how you can shed those extra pounds and war the clothes you always dreamt of.

Crammed apartments with little space to exercise, long hours at the office the junk food for lunch and the quick bites al add up to make you overweight and obese.

Obesity is a major risk factor for diabetes. Now don’t confuse being obesity and overweight. Overweight is excess body weight whereas obesity means having high proportion of body fat. If physical exercises are nil and the intake of high calorie food is high you are prone to obesity.

Obesity takes a toll on you both physically and mentally. It makes you feel tired, gets you those awkward glances and invites a host of other diseases, diabetes being one of them. When the pancreas doesn’t produce any or enough insulin, it leads to accumulation of excess of sugar in the blood, which is bad for you.

The simplest way of tackling both of these health problems is to maintain a healthy weight, exercise regularly and inculcate healthy eating habits. Exercising for 30 minutes everyday is good enough. It’s not necessary to go for strenuous exercise, even walking can do wonders.

Simple Exercise To Reduce Weight
1.Climb stairs. Even if you don’t have much room indoors, there would be stairs; use them.
2.Try to clean your floors without the vacuum cleaner. Bring on the good old jhadu pochha.
3.Try keeping a pet.
4.Each time your pet has to go out to answer nature’s call, you need to take him or her out!

Yoga Exercises

Video of Weight loss Yoga Exercise
Learn to Download this video

Swami Ramdev is perfect guru to teach Yoga. And he is very popular because of his techniques of Kapalbhati pranayam. But only problem is that his all videos are in Hindi. Still I am trying to show you two Video one is his interview and second one is Kapalbhati pranayama which is very effective way to loose weight.

Swami Ramadev at London

Yoga method to reduce weight(It is in hindi, As i will find english video i will update video)

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How to Minimize Exam Stress?

Tips for Minimizing Exam Stress

1.It’s never too late to make a revision plan or timetable. Doing so will help you prioritise your work. But be realistic!

2.Schedule regular breaks and do take them. Make breaks longer as the day goes on. Most people can only concentrate fully for about 45 minutes at a time.

3.Avoid late night revisions. Work on your most difficult subjects during your ‘peak’ study hours.

4.Try to get enough sleep – tiredness promotes anxiety. Spend some time unwiding before you go to bed.

5.Make sure you spend some time relaxing and having fun.

6.Consider revising with friends – splitting responsibility for obtaining photocopies and revision nots can save a lot of time.

7.Avoid people who create panic. It can be contagious! Try not to have post mortems of each exam as this can increase the anxiety level about later papers.

8.Study always in quiet area away from noises and people in the house. Make sure your desk is tidy and organized as it will enable you to find all relevant information at one place instead of searching all over the house.

9.Make a ‘to do ‘ list before each study session. Breaking tasks down into small and manageable tasks will make it less overwhelming.

10.Look for past exam papers. They can give a fair idea of the examination pattern. It can help you in identifying the areas where you need more practice.

11.Don’t get distracted by the phone or emails.

12.Write down key concepts you have learned on small sheets and paste them around your house.

13.It helps remembering things like equations, quotes and date etc.

14.Writing practice should be done by solving different questions.

15.Deep breathing, yoga or any other relaxation techniques improve concentration.

16.Quickest and most effective way of elimination stress is to shut down your eyes and take deep breaths.

17.Never fear exams, avoid panic and do not worry about your results. Give your best shots and move over.

18.Eat right to beat stress

19.Cut down on table salt and other sources of sodium.

20.Drink only moderate amount of coffee and tea and remember that caffeine is present in both. Caffeine and nicotine are stress stimulates.

21.You should have eight big glasses of fluid daily. This helps to flush waste products out of the body.

22.Eat food rich in potassium like oranges and bananas.

23.Be sure to get enough calcium as you tend to lose it when you are stressed. Try ot have at least two glasses of skimmed milk everyday.

24.Intake of Vitamin Band C is important. Increase the intake of green leafy vegetables, milk, egg etc.

25.Try smaller meals frequently, rather than big ones. The additional small meals can be afternoon or bedtime snacks.

26. Visualize Positive things and have positive attitude before going to examination hall.

Some tips for parents

1.Students can fail to do well if they fail to cope with stress. Parents should guide their children in planning, organizing and setting a time table.

2.Parents must provide right kind of motivation and a conductive environment.

3.Help the child to develop self- discipline, self- confidence, self –direction and a sense of achievement.

4.The achievement goals should be realistically set according to the child’s capability. Do not impose your anxieties and expectations on him/her.

5.Humour relieves tension. Be light and humorous with the child.

6.Discuss his problems with him and help him to find a solution.Exams are not the end of the world.

7.Accept that expectation for everyone to do well is unrealistic as many won’t pursue this for long.


How to develop Social Skills?


Hi folks!
It is our social skills that help us to work with others, initiate and sustain personal relationships, function effectively as members of a team/group and lead other people. Social skills are important in all aspects of our lives in the community and at work. If you are of the opinion that only professionals in the hospitality business or in media industry require social skills, think again. You may be a senior scientist, a business man, a social workers or a mathematician, but you cannot ignore social skills. Employers are increasingly looking for people who not only possess the technical/professional competence needed to perform well but also those who possess ‘people’ skills or ‘soft’ skills.

Social skills include the ability to communicate and to work harmoniously with others. This is nothing new because we have all been learning how to deal with others and co-exist from the time we were born, through school and college and into the workplace. Social skills may appear to come easily to some people, but that does not reveal the amount of time, effort and attention to detail they would have put into building and maintaining their relationships.
If your social skills are not as up to mark, there is nothing to stop you form learning. Start by the simple measure of making good eye contact, smiling and positive body language. Sometimes, lack of social skills stems from having too little interaction with others. You can resolve that by making an effort to join a club or meeting up with your interpersonal contemporaries/friends and associates every few weeks to catch up and establish ease in your interpersonal communication.

Communication is about expressing and exchanging ideas and feelings with one another. Some people are inhibited because they feel that it is not necessary to share opinions, feelings, news or knowledge. Unwillingness to initiate communication also shows a lack of empathy. You are unwilling to imagine or overlooking reasons why others should be interested in your feeling and knowledge.

Effective communication is always a two way process. When you are ready to share information, thoughts, feeling etc, it also means that you are willing to listen and receive feedback. Listening well is crucial to competence in communication and enhancement of social skills. When there is a dialogue, it can help to erase mind blocks and avoid misunderstanding.
Building rapport is central to developing strong, meaningful relationships. Rapport hinges on empathy, which emerges out of casual conversations about family, sports, children and everyday life. Being able to detect and have insights about other people’s feelings, motives and concerns can lead to a sense of rapport. To sustain a collaborative work environment, it is also important for the group to have fun together. Groups that being in each other’s company, joking and sharing good times amass emotional capital which helps them to excel in good times and also to get through the bad times. Social skills help to get through bad times.
Social skills help to initiate and establish networks and relationships, but maintaining them demands both skills and commitment.

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How to invest in Art?

Leading art experts advise you on the right artists and art to invest

Don’t just go for the prestigious artists. Buy the work of some, young budding artists too.
Buy something with passion, not just as an investment. The work is most likely to go up in value anyway.
Research the artist and his work
Read the latest art magazines and publications. Be up-to-date with information.
Attend as many art events as possible
Refine and develop your eye for art.
Keep a list of galleries and visit exhibitions.
If you buy an artist who is not living, you will need proper documentation. Have a condition report made.
Remember, there are a number of things a collector should be looking at. Insurance is one of them.

Who would have thought, a decade ago, that art could be a sound investment? Well, many people did and today investing in art is big. But how does a novice begin investing in art? Says Aporajita Mukerji owner of an online art portal, “the most important investments are knowledge and appreciation. Enroll for an art appreciation course, read up exhaustively on the net and peruse catalogues and art letters as well.”
Adds art collector Harsh Goenka who estimates the current art market in India to be worth about Rs 1,200 crore ( $ 240000), “ one needs to have an eye for spotting good works and a fairly good understanding of the artist, “ he says, “ The established ones, of course. Then there are many promising youngsters in Baroda as well.” For those who are keen on investing, his advice is , “ Go by your gut feel. Visit galleries, look at art and most importantly, ask questions.”
Likewise, Neville Tulli who heads Osian’s feels that the market is at a very nascent stage at the global level. For him, the value of an artwork in the medium-long term is the historical significance of the artist and his work. Independent curator and gallery owner Vikram Sethi opines that India has an undefined art market that needs to be tapped. He believes that quality art makes for a good investment. To him, it’s the youngsters who hold promise. But he cautions that only those with strength in their art will have lasting value.” Art is a great investment and buying art is sexy as it puts you on the top of the world,” he states.
The art market is growing, with awareness spreading across the globe about the potential contemporary Indian art as an investment, According to art dealer Ashish Balram Nagpal, art that is honest and not merely pretty, will survive. “ An artist should stick to his personal stand, for the statement that his art wants to make, “ he believes.
Art collector and a regular at art events, Pritish Nandy says, “As the art market is a nascent one, estimates regarding its size are vague. But it is growing and will soon be comparable to art markets overseas. “A good and sound art investment can be of three types: contemporary masters, the old classics, and new and young talent. According to him, artist to watch out for are Prabhakar Barve, Vaikuntam, Laxman Gaud, Jeram Patel, Shakti Burman, Ghulam Mohammed Sheikh, scultures like Prithpal Singh Ladi and Himmat Shah.

How to crack IIT-JEE?

IIT JEE Syllabus 2009


The IIT-JEE is not only a test of a student’s preparation but also how well he can handle the pressure.

Introduction of new format in IIT-Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) from this year has set in a wave of ambiguity among the aspirations. But hard work coupled with a smart study can achieve an unprecedented target.

The changed pattern of IIT-JEE would now have two papers each consisting of three sections from Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics respectively.

The question paper would include variety of questions including objective types, multiple choice, passage based, numerical and single choice questions.

With IIT-JEE preparation at its peak students should adopt a systematic and planed approach towards their preparations. They should work around the three pillars of success conceptual clarity, contextual familiarity and application expertise.

Mock test papers :

These papers will help you to get indepth knowledge about the pattern of Examination held by IIT ( Download Acrobet Reader)

Sample papers of IIT JEE :

After doing Mock test papers these papers will help you to check what you have learn till now:-
Vidyaalankar papers

Previous Year Papers :-

Faculty Notes and Papers :-

Online coaching, Question Paper and Solutions :-

Here I am giving you some links which will show you right direction towards your goal :-

Three things which all students need:-

Topics which are scoring and should be cover first( subject wise list) :-

Physics : Thermodynamics, Conduction and Convection of Heat , Hydrostatics and Bernoulli's Principle, Waves in Elastic Media, Interference Beats and Doppler's Effect, Electrostatics (full) , Electromagnetic Induction, Lorentz' Forces, Circuits with Capacitors, Modern Physics (full), Collisions, Rotational Motion, Gravitation, Elasticity.

S.H.M.Chemistry : Atomic Structure, Bonding, Redox Reactions, Volumetric Analysis, Chemical Equilibrium and Kinetics, Ionic Equilibria, Electrochemical Cells, Solutions, Hess's Law, Organic Chemistry (full) with special stress on reaction mechanism of reactions named in the syllabus, Oxyacids of P,S, C & N, Properties of Ozone Thiosulphates, H2O2, Coordination Compounds.

Mathematics : Calculus (full), Quadratic Equations and Expressions, Complex Numbers, Progressions, Solution of Triangles, Solution of Trigonometric Equations, Vector Analysis, Straight Lines, either Circles or Conic section.

Coaching Institues of IIT JEE

The best way to Prepare for IIT is Kota. There are various Institutes in kota but i am mentioning Top institutes :-

1. Bansal Classes ( known for its Mathematics Department because Mr.V.K.Bansal (Its owner) himself Teach Maths here) situated at . 'GAURAV TOWER',A-10, IPIA, ROAD NO. 1, JHALAWAR ROAD, KOTA.Telephone Numbers : 0744-2423738 / 2423739 / 2421097 / 2424097

2. Resonance( known for its Physics because Mr.R K Verma ( Resonance owner ) himself teach physics here) Address of RESONANCE, J-2, Jawahar Nagar Main Road, Kota Raj - 324005 Ph. No.: +91-744-3291927, 3297127, 2437144 FAX No.: +91-744-5121888

3. Awasthi classes (specififcally for chemistry only)

4.Naryana( South Indian Institute which is trying to penetrate its root at coaching hub kota in IIT JEE)

5.Carrer Point( Its number one institute for AIEEE and PET).
112, Shakti Nagar, Kota - Rajasthan (India) Pin : 324 009
Phone : (91) 0744-5121491, 5121492, 2500092, 2505269, 2505270
Fax : (91) 0744 - 2500892
email :

The only problem with institutes in kota is that, best teachers of Kota teach only Bright and Intellegent students of their institues , rest of the students teached by other faculties.

Institutes in Delhi

1.Fiitjee Group Home - Main
ICES House,Kalu Sarai Sarvpriya Vihar New Delhi-110016Ph.: 011 - 26865182, 26854102, Fax : 011 - 26513942 e-mail :

2.Vidyamandir Classes Plot No 2 & 3, Central Market 1st Floor, Punjabi Bagh (W), New Delhi, Delhi 110026011 42466726

Following guidelines can really help the students for final round of preparation for IIT-JEE :

15 days before IIT-JEE

  • Scan all the topics in a stipulated time frame.
  • Plan your schedule for your revision and exercise.
  • Start concentration on the topics that you have covered rather wasting time on new topics particularly when exam is just 15 days ahead.
  • Revise all important concepts and formulas to recall them without any effort or thought.
  • The IIT-JEE test carries negative marking for wrong answer. So your familiarity with concepts would play a critical role.

7 days before IIT-JEE

  • Master Time Management Skills
  • Divide the total time into components based on total number of questions and your conceptual knowledge.
  • Develop the habit of gauging question whether you will be able to solve it.
  • You should reach the test center at least half an hour before the exam.
  • Some students complain of nausea or headache during the test of just before the test. So keep relevant medicine handy.

During the IIT-JEE

  • Enter the examination hall in a positive mood to crack the test.
  • Re-check your stationeries and synchronize your wristwatch with the center’s clock
  • Invest time in reading the instructions quickly.
  • Be attentive in filling the information sheet. Clarify even your simplest doubt with the exam supervisor.
  • Do not use a red pen or pen where data is to be filled with pencil only.
  • Read all instructions carefully. Also see, which question carry negative marks.
  • Give all three subjects equal time that means 60 minutes each for physics, chemistry and mathematics.
  • Concentrate on one question at a time.
  • Use a diagram or value of constants given in the paper in solving a numerical. If the value is not mentioned, use the one you remember.
  • Carry out all rough work only in the space given in the paper.
  • Attempting to solve all questions in haste increases the chances of error. It is better to solve slightly fewer questions faultlessly.
  • While attempting questions, go on segregating them by putting some identification mark. These questions are from topics that you have prepared.

Important Links:-
1.Starting Preparation
2.Frequently asked questions(FAQ)
3.Free books available (NCERT) which will help you in your IIT preparation
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How to get Project Reports and Information?

Hello My dear Friends,

This important question is often asked by engineering student, who wanna work on projects regarding to their summer training or other fields.

How to know complete details about space shuttle ?

As we all know, this blog aim is to provide you best and latest information about all the topics which is somehow related to us. From various sources I always try to find out something unique and good information for you.

What is space shuttle?

A Space Transportation System (STS) or space shuttle is a manned launched vehicle. The main components of STS are an external tank, two solid rocket boosters and a winged orbitor.
The orbiter carries astronauts and payload into low earth orbit. Most often the orbiter itself is referred to as the the space shuttle, which is technically a misnomer. The shuttle is the first orbital spacecraft designed for partial reusability. The space shuttle will retire by 2010 and Orion, a new vehicle that is designed to take humans to the Moon and beyond, will replace it.

What was the need to make reusable spacecraft?

The main concept behind Nasa’s Space Shuttle Programme was to increase the viability of the space trip. The shuttle was designed to meet the challenge of exploration as well as to do many other jobs at a reduced cost. It was also proposed that an STS would help in routine utilization of space. However, all these claims were later criticized, given the fact that per-pound launch cost are not appreciably cheaper, as well as the years of interruption s in launches following shuttle failures.

How does the shuttle works?

The shuttle takes off like a rocket, operates in orbit as a spacecraft, and lands like a airplane. After the first two minutes of flight, the two solid fuel boosters are cut loose from the tank. The spent boosters eject parachutes and fall down about 280 km from the launch site, from the are collected for reuse.
After some time , the external tank is also cast off. It is however not suitable for reuse. Free from the tank and booster, the orbiter fires its manoeuvring engines and consequently, reshapes the egg-shaped flight path to a circular orbit. Now the shuttle is ready for work.
Coming back to earth is most critical and demanding part of the shuttle voyage. The orbiter has to change from spacecraft to an aircraft. The most difficult part is controlling the shuttle at middle speeds and altitudes, during the re-entry into the atmosphere, air friction heats up the orbiter, apart from the fact the ionization in the surrounding atmosphere blacks out communication with the ground for some time.

At an altitude of about 93 km, the air becomes dense enough so that aerodyanamic controls take hold, and the orbiter becomes a heavy glider.
Without fuel for its main engines, the craft wouldn’t be able to go around for a second landing approach in case of a miscalculation, as an airliner could, hence, it becomes very important to have clear landing conditions and a comparatively large runway.

What Is the importance of the heat shield , in the re-entry of any spacecraft?

When a manned space vehicle reenters the earth’s atmosphere, air friction can produce external surface temperatures as high as 3000 degrees Fahrenheit – well about the melting point of steel. Special thermal barriers are required to protect the vehicle and its occupants. The earlier space capsules were protected during reentry by shedding layers of heavy, resinous heat shield through a process called ablation.

With a design life of about 100 missions, the shuttle requires a light weight, reusable thermal protection, approximately 24,300 tiles and 2,300 flexible insulation blankets are pasted on the outside of the orbiter. The pasting is a complicated system as no two tiles on an orbiter are exactly alike. The tiles are delicate and have to be protected from stresses. The Columbia disaster took place when the debris of a piece of insulated foam damaged one of these tiles.

How is the nomenclature of space shuttle done?

Space shuttles are named after pioneering sea vessels. Atlantis is named for the research vessel that was the first to use electronic sounding devices to map the ocean floor. Challenger was named for the sloop captained by Robert Gray who explored British Columbia.

Discovery is named for one for the two ships used by the British explorer Captain James Cook. The other of Cook’s ships is the namesake for the shuttle Endeavour. Enterprise, the first space shuttle Orbiter, was originally to be named constitution. However, viewers of the TV science fiction show ‘STAR TREK’ started a writein campaign urging the white house to rename the vehicle Enterprise.

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Happy Holi

I wanna wish you all a very happy holy. May this holy brings you all the happiness of life. There is one message for all of you my dear friends " If you love somebody, let them go. If they return, they were always yours. If they don't , they never were ".

Keep reading this blog because soon I am going to add teraffic material on this blog which will be very exclusive , as we are.

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How to get better search results?


1. Use more than one search engine :

Yahoo! ( Launched in 1994, Yahoo is the web's oldest "directory," a place where human editors organize web sites into categories. However, in October 2002, Yahoo made a giant shift to crawler-based listings for its main results. These came from Google until February 2004. Now, Yahoo uses its own search technology. Learn more in this recent review from our SearchDay newsletter, which also provides some updated submission details.)

Bing ( Microsoft new search engine )

Google ( Voted four times Most Outstanding Search Engine by Search Engine Watch readers, Google has a well-deserved reputation as the top choice for those searching the web. The crawler-based service provides both comprehensive coverage of the web along with great relevancy. It's highly recommended as a first stop in your hunt for whatever you are looking for.)

2.Be specific in your search :
If you search is related to "car", try to be more specific like car engine, car compare , car prices etc

3. Trust Internet:

Sometime we tend to think that information about my search is not available on internet. We forget that Internet is very big medium and each and every thing is available here.

6.Do some changes in spelling :-

Spelling changes can do miracle sometime.


How to search Rapidshare files

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How to tell if you have Affluenza ?

Earn more, Spend more, Want more ? Beware of the Affluenza Epidemic.

Do you agree with any of the following ?

* I would like to be a very wealthy person

* I often compare what I own with others

* Shopping or thinking about it preoccupies me.

* Possessions can be just as important as people.

* I admire people who own expensive things.

* The things I own are an indicatioin of how well I am doing.

* I would like people to comment on how attractive I look.

* I am less concerned with what work I do thatn what i get for it.

* If a friend isn't of use to me, personally or professionally, I usually end the friendship.

* I would like my name to appear frequently in the media.

Diagnosis- If you answered 'yes' to any of the questions above, then you have contracted the virus. The more you answered 'yes', the more infected you are and the greater your likelihood of becoming emotionally distressed.

I read this article in India's leading newpaper 'Times of India'.After reading this article I can say that atleast I am suffering from this Affluenza and I hope that you are not. If you are suffering too than i wanna give you one advice which i would follow myself from today onwards that please give time to your family and friends.

How to post my own Questions in this blog?

I am only one; but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; I will not refuse to do something I can do.
- Helen Keller

Take these two easy steps to start posting :-

Step 1. Email your Question and Answer(if you know) with your Name to

Step 2. Your Question will be Published within a Single day and You will be Informed about that with link.

What's the need of Posting ?

"In helping others, we shall help ourselves,
for whatever good we give out completes the circle
and comes back to us."



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How to get quotations for boosting confidence?

This is a time of compition, and due to the immense compition factor people are loosing their faith in themselves.So i have decided to write something about this topic.Here i am giving you some good phraises which will help you to boost your confidence.

* "Life, no matter how difficult it gets it's better than the alternative (death)."

* "Nothing is impossible for a willing hand"

* "Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen." - Robert Bresson

* It takes but one positive thought when given a chance to survive and thrive to overpower an entire army of negative thoughts.

* "Nothing happens by chance, everything happens for a reason. Your brain may not know the reason, it may never figure it out. But your heart knows, your heart always knows".In other words things happen as they should and will end well if you have faith in the happenings."

* "I used to joke when my teacher said this 9 years ago, but found it was quite true. When you come to the bridge, everything will straighten out"

* "A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort." -Herm Albright.

* "A strong positive attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug."

* "Be positive in addressing the envelope to your future, For enclosed are your efforts from the past. Be certain of the postage and double check what class."

* "Sorrow is not the absence of happiness, it is our incapacity to behold it."

* "You must be the change you want to see in the world."

* "No man is free who is not master of himself."

* "in the eye of the storm.... i am calm" "be still....and know that i am god"

* "Of all the creatures in life, only Man does not know that life is to be enjoyed!"

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How to get the list of top sites?

World Top sites
1. Yahoo!
2. Microsoft Network (MSN)
3. Google
5. YouTube
6. Myspace
7. Windows Live
9. 腾讯网Sina

USA Top sites
8. Wikipedia
9. Craigslist
10.The face book
11.Windows LIve
13.CNN - Cable News Network
16.Microsoft Corporation
17.The Internet Movie Database

India top sites
1. Personalized content and search options. Chatrooms, free e-mail, clubs, and pager. Social networking site , a part of google. Indian version of this popular search engine. Enables users to search the Web, Usenet, and images.
6.msn msn Dialup access and content provider India's No. 1 job site ( sharing website)
9.Windows Live ( search live, new feature by microsoft) Free, automated weblog publishing tool that sends updates to a site via FTP
11.Indiatimes Portal site; includes news stories under subject headings, and links.
12.YouTube User-submitted videos with rating, comments, and contests (Adult only)
14.Megaupload Megaupload is a "leading website" for transferring files.
15.Wikipedia A free encyclopedia built collaboratively using Wiki software

How to improve memory?

Memory Skills

How does our memory work?

We remember things by association. Every piece of information in our memory is connected to other pieces in some way or another. For example, if you are given the word "apple", what do you think of? Perhaps something like this:

APPLE: red, round, sweet, teacher, tree, fruit

But it's unlikely that we might see "apple" and think of "dog" (unless you remember some funny incident in which your dog investigated an apple). And what if you were asked what the 7th letter of the alphabet was? Chances are, you wouldn't know that "G = 7," but you could easily think to yourself, "A B C D E F G," and then say "G". You used association to get to the letter G, because you knew A was the first letter, then you kept choosing the next letter in the sequence until you got to the right one.

Why do most of us have a bad memory?

Most of us don't. Most of us have a really good memory, but we just don't have practice in using it efficiently.

If the above is true, then why is it so hard for me to remember things?

As stated before, our memory works by association. If there is no obvious association between things, it's very difficult to remember them. For example, suppose you needed to remember that your plane takes off at 2 P.M. There is nothing about the plane that would suggest the number 2 more than it would any other number (at least at first glance). Therefore, 2 is easily forgotten. Likewise, how does your best friend relate to his phone number, an arbitrary string of digits? Or how does a new word, like "hypothalamus," relate to what it represents?

How can we learn to remember things better?

Simple. If memory works by association, we actively work to create an association between two bits of information. For example, for the plane that we need to catch at 2 P.M., we can imagine the plane in our mind, and notice that it has 2 wings. Two wings, 2 P.M. There's an association. We are now ten times more likely to remember the take-off time long after it has faded from our short-term memory.

Sometimes an association comes very easily. For example, suppose you are introduced to a Mr. Hill who lives on a hill at the end of town. Mr. Hill on a hill. Pretty easy, huh? Or what if you're trying to remember the classroom number for a Chemistry class, and it just so turns out that it's the same as your dorm room number. Another natural association! Do you think you'll have a problem remembering it?

When pieces of information are not obviously related in any way, however, we have to be a bit more creative in linking things together. But it isn't as hard as it seems. Most of us learned rhymes and acronyms in school that helped us remember things. Do any of the following look familiar to you?

i before e except after c, or when sounded like a as in neighbor and weigh (rule for remembering ei or ie)

ROY G. BIV (colors of the rainbow)
All cows eat grass; Every good boy does fine (notes of musical scale)
Never eat sour watermelons (directions on a compass)

Why do they work?
Because they form an easy-to-remember and clever association between themselves and the information that is to be remembered.

The idea is to be creative and clever. You don't have to invent a rhyme or a poem every time you want to remember something, though -- just think of a picture in your mind that links pieces of information together, preferably something unusual or silly so it is more memorable. For example, suppose you want to remember that the football field is on Maple Street. You might imagine in your mind a burly football player eating a football for breakfast... he pours some maple syrup on the football, cuts off a chunk and eats it!
To demonstrate how effectively this works, look at the following list of words, and try to come up with an association between the left word and the right word of each row. Some will be easy; others may be harder. As an example, for the first pair, you might want to imagine a mouse that has a long, wavy tail that is in the shape of the letter S.

mouse S
fur R
train bridge
moat boat
popcorn chair
elephant pancake
toothbrush canal
umbrella triangle

After you have formed the associations (if you had trouble on one or two of them, that's okay; just skip them for now), cover up the right side of the list and then try to name the word associated with each word on the left. If you formed vivid, clear associations, you may be surprised at how quickly and easily you were able to remember everything!


Memory Game in Flash (New)

download Flash player

Short Notes About Improving Memory(pdf)
Understanding Memory Loss(pdf)

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How to improve confidence?

Knowing yourself is the foundation of self-esteem, self confidence and personal development.

Man has been seeking himself since the days of the Oracle of Delphi. "Know yourself" said the Oracle, but she spoke in riddles and the men who had come a long way to get a simple answer from her wise lips went away even more confused.

Yes, it isn't easy to really understand a human being. And, to understand others, we need first of all to understand ourselves and to gain self-esteem and confidence.

How can we do this?

There are ways to work on this and we can do it in the comfort of our home if we don't want to attend evening courses in self confidence and self-esteem and meet others in similar situations.

Some tips:

* Write down your positive achievements, all that you can remember; educations, jobs, loves and relationships (even if they ended, you still achieved them), friendships, children, driving licence... Look at what you already have and realize you have done rather well.

* Write down good things that others have said about you. Read through old documents from former employers or teachers that state all your strong sides. Maybe you forgot you had them?

* Make plans. Ask yourself what can be done. What can you change to make things better? Write down precise goals and write a step-by-step plan on how you intend to achieve your goals.

*Decision. Make a decision that tomorrow you will start dealing with the first step of your plan.
When you read what you have written you will realize that you have grown and developed over the years. That also means that you can grow and develop further.

Lifestyle Plans

About The Author
Ingela Berger started her own Internet business
Lifestyle Plans in 2003 out of a desire to inspire and encourage others to make reality of their dreams of a personal, healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. Ingela has studied theatre directing, acting, history of art, history of ideas, health communication and leadership psychology. After some years working with art exhibitions and the theatre she went back to college and is now a health and lifestyle consultant.
Article Source:

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How to lose weight?

"You don't realize how strong a person really is until you see them at their weakest moment"

Sacred heart Diet ( I don't recommend this diet but because of your demand i have added it)
The Sacred heart diet is said to have originated in the Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital where it was used for rapid weight loss in overweight heart patients prior to their surgery. This is a soup-based diet and people following this diet tend to lose around 10-17 pounds in the first week itself.
Sacred heart diet planThe diet consists of a basic 7 day eating plan and if followed religiously will clean your system of all impurities and give you a feeling of well being. You will also experience an abundance of energy by following this diet. Listed below is the day by day food plan for the whole 7-day period.

Day 1: Eat any fruit except banana. Cantaloupes and watermelon are comparatively lower in calories, so you can try them. Eat only soup (recipe given below) and fruit today.

Day 2: You can eat all vegetables today. Eat as much vegetable as possible along with the soup. Stuff yourself with fresh, raw, cooked or canned veggies. Don’t forget the leafy vegetables but stay away from dry beans, peas and corn. Don’t eat any fruits today. At dinner time, you can eat a big baked potato with butter.

Day 3: Eat as much soup as you can with all fruits and vegetables but do not eat the baked potato. You will already be lighter by 5-7 pounds.

Day 4: Today you need to eat bananas and drink milk. Eat at least 3 bananas and drink as much milk as possible. Don’t forget to take your soup. This diet will lessen your cravings for sweets.

Day 5: Today you can consume up to 20 ounces of beef and a can of tomatoes (or 6 whole
tomatoes). Do take the soup.

Day 6: Eat as much beef and vegetables as you want. You can even have 2-3 steaks with green leafy vegetables but baked potato is a strict no. Don’t forget to take your soup at least once today.

Day 7: On the last day of the diet, you can have brown rice, unsweetened fruit juice and vegetables and the soup.

At the end of 7 days you would have lost anywhere between 10-17 pounds. If you have lost more than 17 pounds, stay off the diet for a couple of days before resuming it again. This diet acts on the principle that you will burn more calories than your intake. The fat-burning soup can be eaten anytime you feel hungry and in any quantity. You can also substitute boiled, broiled or baked chicken instead of beef, though there should be no skin on the chicken. Avoid bread, alcohol, carbonated drinks and fried foods. Drink at least 8 glasses of water as well as any of the following drinks – black coffee, herbal tea, unsweetened fruit drinks, cranberry juice and skimmed milk. If you are feeling constipated from this diet, do take a cup of bran or fiber. Though you can drink black coffee, you will not feel the need for caffeine after the third day. Follow the diet strictly and you will feel the difference both mentally and physically.
Recipe for Soup
Stewed tomatoes
Large green onions
Fatless beef broth
Soup mix
Green beans
Green peppers
Cut all the vegetables in to small pieces, add water and boil on high for 10 minutes. Reduce to simmer and continue to cook until vegetables are tender. Season with salt, pepper curry, parsley and Worcestershire sauce. This soup can be eaten anytime you are hungry during the 7 day plan. Eat as much as you want as this soup will not add calories. You can even fill your thermos with the soup and take it to your workplace.

Tutorials about weight loosing :-
Simple Techniques and Yoga

Tricks to lose weight available on internet :
a) Five ways By Carol Mithers
b)Practical ways
c) Trick yourself Thin- Msn health and fitness

Tools available :-

1. Kg to Pounds and Pounds to kg converter( Try this link and find out your weight in both units, remmember to open it in new window)

2. Health meter( Check your weight in health chart, this will give you clear idea about your health)
If you want measure your Bmi using Bmi Meter --->click here

3. Calorie Meter ( calculate time require to reach at goal Weight)

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How to get good english songs?

To listen good English songs you can visit following links :-

1.Smash Hits(good songs , search a song or just directly click on option like jazz, pop etc etc.)
2.Mp3Raid(There are some pop ups so enable popup blocker before logging in)
3. 3mp3(Good collection of english songs)
4.Rhapsody(Full lenght music, videos and more)
5.Emp3Finder(Download Mp3 songs from this site) and reputed website)
7.Zaycev (Don't be afraid with the language of this site, just click on starting alphabet of your song)

Learn how to download any song

How to improve Concentration ?

Concentration comes out of a combination of confidence and hunger said by Arnold Palmer Us golfer (1929 - )

Seven Techniques to improve our concentration are :-

1. Do each and every thing more attentively, for eg when you will
drive a, car just drive a car.

2. Try to do each and every thing perfectly.Yes , try to reduce errors
as much as possible.

3. Decide that you will never use eraser while writing, you will
always write correct words at first chance.

4. Improve your reading skill.Try to read as fast as possible, As much
as you reduce time as much brain concentrates more.

5. Try to analyze things more deeply. Yes we never see things deeply ,
we do not even notice our surroundings , if I ask you that which was
the last time when you saw moon? Don't you remember? It shows your
analyzing power.

6. Try to memorize things which are happening around you. Decide that
you have to remember each and every thing happening with you.

7.Whenever you feel that your concentration is disturbing start
counting in reverse order from 10 to 1.
I bet, if you use these techniques correctly your concentration will
improve in remarkable way. And one good news for you, I am opening my
comments section of this blog for anonymous users too. Now you can
post your comments without having account in google.
Hope you like this article bye and take care.

If you wanna read more on concentration clickhere (Remember to open it in new window)

More to read:-

How to Develop Better Concentration While studying(pdf)

Concentration Test Paper(pdf)

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How to get Amazing Footages ?

Just imagine what a object entering the atmosphere with with a diameter of 150 feet would look like (Arizona meteor crater). If it were at night, the earth would be in virtual daylight while it burned!
Russian Rocket coming down , click below "" ( Its different, what more can i say about it )

Other one on Youtube( Cool, because there are many more)

more links in

Improve your concentration

10th+ 12th solved papers

How to get 10th and 12th Cbse solved papers?

Wish you all the best for your Cbse tenth and twelfth Board exams, May God bless you with good marks. ( right click and save as for download)

Date Sheet and Time Table for March 2010 ,10th and 12th exams  :

Sample Question Papers and Marking Scheme for Board Exam. 2009
Class X
Science (Theory)
Social Science Paper-1 | Paper-2-1 | Paper-2-2 | in Hindi
Sanskrit Communicative
English Language & Literature
English Communicative
Hindi Course - A
Hindi Course - B
Urdu Course A & B
Class XII
Hindi Core
Hindi Elective
Sanskrit Elective
Sanskrit Core - Pages 1-22 - Pages 23-47
English Core
Functional English
English Elective
Geography (Theory)
Creative Writing and Translation Studies (Class XI)
Creative Writing and Translation Studies - Paper-I Paper-II
Business Studies - Paper-I Paper-II
Economics - Paper-I Paper-II
Political Science
Physical Education
Computer Science - Paper-I Paper-II
Information Practices - Paper-I Paper-II Paper-III
Multimedia and Web Technologies - Paper-I Paper-II Paper-III

Financial Marketing Management
Introduction to Financial Markets - Design, Blue Print & SQP | Marking Scheme
BPO - Blue Print | SQP | Marking Scheme
Computer Applications in Financial Market - Design | Blue Print | SQP | Marking Scheme
Accounting for business - Blue Print & Design | SQP & Marking Scheme

Answers of High Scoring Students of 2008 Examination
Class X
Question Paper
Answer Sheet
Question Paper
Answer Sheet
Social Science
Question Paper

Answer Sheet

Question Paper

Answer Sheet
Hindi Course A
Question Paper
Answer Sheet
English Language & Literature
Question Paper
Answer Sheet
English Communicative
Question Paper
Answer Sheet
Class XII
Question Paper
Answer Sheet
Question Paper
Answer Sheet
Question Paper

Answer Sheet

Question Paper
Answer Sheet
Question Paper
Answer Sheet
Business Studies
Question Paper
Answer Sheet
Question Paper
Answer Sheet

2008 Entries

  1. Answers of Physics paper 2008
  2. Amity University Solutions of 2008 papers
    1. Physics
    2. Biology
    3. Chemistry
Sample Papers for Board Exam. 2008 and Marking Schemes

Class X
Science (Theory)
Social Science
Hindi Course A
Hindi Course B
English Language & Literature
Urdu Course A & B
English Communicative (Paper-I)
Marking Schemes
Class XII
Hindi Elective
Sanskrit Elective
Hindi Core
Sanskrit Core - Pages 1-22 - Pages 23-47
English Core
Functional English
English Elective
Geography (Theory)
Creative Writing and Translation Studies (Class XI)
Mathematics - Paper-I Paper-II Paper-III
Physics - Paper-I Paper-II Paper-III
Biology - Paper-I Paper-II Paper-III
Chemistry - Paper-I Paper-II Paper-III
Business Studies - Paper-I Paper-II
Economics - Paper-I Paper-II
History - Paper-I Paper-II
Political Science

Business Studies
English Core
Functional English

English Core
Functional English
Computer Science
Engineering Drawing
Informatics Practices

Financial Marketing Management
Introduction to Financial Markets - Design Blue Print SQP Marking Scheme
Computer Applications in Financial Market - Design Blue Print SQP Marking Scheme
Accounting for business - Blue Print & Design SQP & Marking Scheme


Solved Papers of 10th and 12th

Previous Year Paper

Class X
Class XII

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Toppers answer sheet of different subjects :-

10th(Tenth) class toppers answersheets:-

English Communicative English Communicative Question Paper

Mathematics Mathematics Question Paper

Science and Technology Science and Technology Question Paper

Social Science Social Science Question Paper

12th ( twelfth) class answer sheets :-

Physics Physics Question Paper
Chemistry Chemistry Question Paper
Mathematics Mathematics Question Paper


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