How to maximize the use of internet?

1. Join Social Networking Site: You can join social networking site. It is not necessary that you surf it daily and reply regularly. But you should have your identity on internet where your close one can easily find you.

The second benefit of joining social networking sites is that you can find people with similar interest.
a) Orkut
b) My Space

2. Read news : This is a time of information. You should know about things happening around.

There are many sources of news available on internet but I recommend Google News.
a) Google News
b) MSN
c) BBC

3. Join Question and Answer sites: -Give answers and if you don’t know the answer, you can find it in search engines. It not only helps to answer but also improve your knowledge. To find answer is not that difficult as to find questions.
a) Yahoo Answers

4. Blogging : Start writing blogs, it gives you immense pleasure because you can share your feelings with the outside world. It is a platform to show the world that what we think about the things happening in outside world. Blogs are the great way to express our feeling as well as to earn some money on internet.

Good sites to start blogging :-
a) Blogger
b) Ibibo
c) Fropper
d) Tripod

5. Learn : Make a habit that every time you surf, you will learn something new.

Biography: - It is place where you can read biography.
Free Books: - places where you will find all the free books available on internet.
How Stuff works
Reader's Digest

6.Watch and Download Video :
a) You Tube
b) Meta Café

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