How to solve problems related to ipod and itunes?

Yes I know that I have promised you to not use any graphics in my blog , but today I feel it is important to add this pic, because today we are talking about ipod’s and problem we faced while using ipod.
So first of all we should understand it well that to use any type of ipod we need to install itunes in our computer whose pic I have shown you.
To install itunes click here( it is necessary coz ipod works only with itunes)
To understand complete use and commands you need a guide available here according to your
Other Common problems :
There is one easy solution of all the problem related to ipod is to reset it and complete guide of resetting ipod is available here.
More questions
How to use ipod as a hard disk?
We can do it by following these steps:-
1. Connect ipod to your computer
2. Either itunes will open automatically if it doesn’t, open it manually
3. Click on your ipod name below devices appear in left hand side .
4. Now scroll down in right side where you see summary.
5. Click on enable disk use.
6. Click on apply.
7. Now you are ready to use it as a hard disk.
8. Open mycomputer and enjoy.

How to manage music manually?
1.Do the above steps
2.After that open the folder which contains music in your harddisk parallel with your itunes.
3.drag your song directly into itunes and enjoy
4. you can delete any song by just clicking delete button from your key board.
I am giving some important websites address so you can get more help about ipod.
Tutorials about ipod:-
More related sites about Ipod

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