How to prepare for Aieee ?

Aieee(All India Engineering Entrance Exam) is an competitive exam held by CBSE to select students for engineering courses such as BE and BTech.This year it is going to be held on 1 May 2011.This year cbse has decided to conduct it both online and offline.

To get success in competitive exams you need to prepare yourself from all directions. We are going to discuss step by step process to prepare for aieee :

1. Get familiar with exam : Confidence is very pertinent to score well, and to get confidence you need to understand pattern and formation of paper well before facing it.I am giving you details regarding this year exam, I urge you to find as much information as you can, related to this field.

Things to know :

Formation of Exam

Paper 1 (3 hours) : Do Mock tests daily for at least for 3 hours.If possible choose the time of sitting same as your exam time that is 9 Am 

What is offers?
It Offers:Engineering degree at reputed colleges across India.

Exam Type : Objective

Subjects to prepare : Physics , Chemistry and Maths

Weightage   Equal for all

Paper 2 (3 hours)

Architecture Degree

Exam Type:Objective

Subject to prepare : Maths , Aptitude and Graphic

Maths Question from 35 to 40 (Multiple Choice)

Aptitude:10 to 15(Multiple Choice)

In this section, it tests student imagination of 3D images as well as analytical thinking and mental ability.

Negative Marking : 1/4th Mark

Things to remember

In both exams rough work is to be done in booklet only.

How many questions to attempt ?

It is not necessary that you attempt all the questions, if you correct around 50 percent questions ,you can score better than 20000 rank. If you can correct 70 percent, you can assume that you win the battle.

Practice how to fill OMR sheet : This exam will be conducted on OMR. It is important for you to practice on OMR. Know more about OMR

Find out your strength and weakness ?

To get success in AIEEE , you need to find out right questions to attempt.Select easy questions from paper and do it first. It will confirm you some score and boost your confidence too.

Avoid using calculator at the time of practice

Cramp formulas by reading them again and again.

Try to study conceptually , it will help you to understand basics.

Downloads :

Information brochure for Aieee 2011 (pdf)
AIEEE Free Mock Test from Vidya Mandir

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In the age of internet , its not difficult to find relevant content and study material for learning languages. For  the lovers of Hindi and people who want to learn this great language can use youtube for their purpose. I am embedding video related to it. I hope it helps!

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Changing Google Background is easy. I always thought of google having background like bing. Now, google has given its user a power to do so. It takes only 2 minutes :

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How to install bin files in ubuntu?

I have received email related to this problem.It has three step solution .

Step 1. Open Application -> Accessories -> Terminal

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I hope it helped