How to study for exams?

Take exams as a journey of life and not destination. In my own experience success in education is not at all dependent on success of life. Exam is not a judgment of student life.

Sitting posture :
Spinal cord should be of 90 degree . Its improve your concentration and memory.

Study on table and chair or dinning table. Avoid studying on bed.

How to study?

Make habit of preparing notes while studying. Benefits of Note making is that you will not need to revise big books before the exams.

There are three methods to prepare notes :

1. Numbered list

It is list of important points

2. Notes in two column

one column is for important points and second is for outline.

3. Notes in three column

Two columns are same as above and third one contain question that can asked from first two column.

For Reading

open book and move your finger below the words while read and read it loud.

Ask yourself questions about the paragraph you read.

Read textbooks not guides ( prefer small books in comparison to big books)

If you are solving difficult problem write it and try to solve it in writing. Take ten deep breath daily like pranayama or yoga.

Discuss :

If it is possible , try to discuss topic you have studied with your friend or family member.Study shows that we remember more when we discuss then when we read.

Use :

I have seen many students who thinks that things they are studying has no relevance in their life. I strongly oppose this thinking. I highly recommend you to use your book knowledge in real life. For eg. If you are learning vocabulary , try to use it, with your regular language. While learning areas, you can calculate area of your house and calculate its cost by using per square feet value of your neighborhood.Students who are learning simple interest and compound interest , can find loan EMI for their parents.I can't discuss all the things here but I hope you get my point.

Students interested in doing projects can get build their project using my project ideas blog.
During examination

Try to solve question paper in two third time and save one third time for rechecking.


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