How to improve Concentration ?

Concentration comes out of a combination of confidence and hunger said by Arnold Palmer Us golfer (1929 - )

Seven Techniques to improve our concentration are :-

1. Do each and every thing more attentively, for eg when you will
drive a, car just drive a car.

2. Try to do each and every thing perfectly.Yes , try to reduce errors
as much as possible.

3. Decide that you will never use eraser while writing, you will
always write correct words at first chance.

4. Improve your reading skill.Try to read as fast as possible, As much
as you reduce time as much brain concentrates more.

5. Try to analyze things more deeply. Yes we never see things deeply ,
we do not even notice our surroundings , if I ask you that which was
the last time when you saw moon? Don't you remember? It shows your
analyzing power.

6. Try to memorize things which are happening around you. Decide that
you have to remember each and every thing happening with you.

7.Whenever you feel that your concentration is disturbing start
counting in reverse order from 10 to 1.
I bet, if you use these techniques correctly your concentration will
improve in remarkable way. And one good news for you, I am opening my
comments section of this blog for anonymous users too. Now you can
post your comments without having account in google.
Hope you like this article bye and take care.

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  1. u have done a marvelous work on ur site

  2. thanks for that..........

  3. Tips given by you are very helpfull for preparing exams. Thanks a lot

    Veeresh GH from bangalore

  4. hi,
    i am not able to remember figures, number now days, i tried very hard to remember them but i am not sure about what i remeber is correct or not, pl. help

  5. it was very good but i have few doubts...ppl say that if we try to remember o lot of useless things then we cant remember the things which we should...i get perturbed very easily even with things which do not have a direct or significant importance to my life n thios affects my studies

  6. @anonymous...many people are facing same problem as you. The reason behind that is there lack of interest in studies. When we do not enjoy our studies , we started to think about non trivial things. For eg. Whenever you go to watch some interesting movie, you watch that with full concentration but while in studies you started to thing about useless stuff.So the solution of this problem is to develop interest in education with various measures such as doing projects based on chapters at home.I hope it helped!