How to delete my internet history ?

Most Common Techniques :-

Removing Internet Searching Words and Phrases :-

Select words in the drop box appears with the previous searches, you scroll down to that sentence and hit delete.

Step 1
Click on start.

Step 2 Control Panel

Step 3 Click Internet option

Step 4 Clear History , clear cookies, clear all files

Step 5 In this same internet option window->Days to keep pages in history-> 1( then you won't have to worry about this any more)

Next step is very important , we usually delete History but forget to do this very important step

Step 6 click on start -> program->Accessories->system tools->disk cleanup->select drive->press ok.

Step 7 Click on start->search->all files and folders->search for *.html, *.jpg, *.jpeg , *.gif, if there is any thing which you don't want , delete it.

Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome Users

Press ctrl + shift + delete

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