How to get list of good players?

Popular players :-

Apollo:- Good reviews from users but to enjoy it completely you will need plugins)

(Finland) --->download
(Latvia) ----->download
Don't forget to spice up Apollo with various plug-ins.
If you are looking for old Apollo releases, take a look at here.

Quinnware Download :- I have not used this player much so I am not giving you its review.

Foobar2000 :-Its a wonderful player for Windows Plateform computers. And this player is recommended on this site by highly experienced users.

Media Monkey <-------click to download the free version (Better than Window Media Player 10, Itunes from apple and even from foobar2000).To know more about Media Monkey -----> click here

Winamp Media Player 5.52

VLC Media Player

Windows Media Player all versions

Real player 11

Itunes ( You all know its a player from Apple)

Smallest Player :-

STP Mp3 player ( It is one of the smallest player and its fullform is system tray based MP3 player)

Editing Software :-

Mp3 direct cut :- Used for editing(cut,copy,paste) audio songs. Very easy to use.

Some Useful Software for singers and recorders :-

Free Music Softwares :- softwares to record and edit music digitally.This includes REAPER, FINALE NOTEPAD ,BUZZ , ANVIL STUDIO, TEMPER AND MANY MORE GOOD PLAYERS.
Note:-Check out other Players too on above site.

Karaoke Player
vanBasco's Karaoke Player Download

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