How to Convert any webpage into pdf format?

PDF( Portable Document Format) is very useful way of saving docs because once saved, format and font of document remains same for any platform or machine such as computer, Tablet PC or even Mobiles.Moreover, it is very common and popular format. Most of the professionals like to save there documents only in this format .

Even though, many tools and extensions are available to convert any document or webpage into pdf but with help of google chrome you can save web page into pdf format at free of cost.

How to do it?

Step 1. Open any web page in your chrome browser

Step 2. Now, give print command (Ctrl + P)

Step 3. Next, change destination to Save as PDF .

Step 4. Click on Save

What about my email attachments?

Yes , if you have gmail account , please click on view option given with attachment and then click print command.

I hope that helps!

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