How to use google drive?

Google drive has officially arrived and many of you thinking that what exactly this google drive is? and how is it useful for me?

If you have google account , you would get 5 GB of free space instantly after signing in.and if you want more you can upgrade to 25 GB for less than $2.50 a month We have discussed many free cloud storage on this blog but Google drive is different from all of them.



1.Google drive has capability of opening different file types whether its program is installed in your computer or not.For eg if you want to open Microsoft Word 2007 doc file and you do not have office installed at your home computer, you can use google drive to open it , read it and even save it.

2.Google is famous for its search and it provides powerful search to its drive platform.Moreover , due to its Optical character recognition  technique it can even read text from images and search them for you.

3.Making Attachment easier : Suppose you wanna send attachment to your friends. You can easily do it using google drive link. Even you can update your attachment after sending it to your friends which was not possible with existing attachments.

4.You and your friends can post comments on the file you share on google drive. Its just like a virtual discussion forum about a file or document.

5.You can undo changes till 30 days : It gives us extraordinary capability to undo changes we did before 30 days. Sometime we edit some file and document and later realize that we did some mistake. With the help of google drive you can undo it with ease.Google drive creates new file whenever we edit our file, that way we can recover our old file from previously saved versions.

How to use it ?

You need to download client software(googledrivesync) of google drive into your computer.

Your computer should be connected before you run googledrivesync.It will take around 2 to 3 minutes according to speed of your connection.

Once installed , client software would ask you to sign in , just give your user name and password and click sign in.

It would create google drive folder into your computer which would help you to sync your files to the cloud.

You can drag and drop any file into this folder and set permissions with the help of client software.

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