How to clean DVD Disc?

Clean your DVD Disc using Local House Hold Items :

How to use Google Voice in Mobile Browsers?

Steps to use Google Voice :

Step 1 .Open in your mobile html 5 enabled phone browser

Step 2.Once logged, dial phone number

Step 3. Click on Call and enjoy!

Video :

How to improve spoken english?

1.Read English Newspaper daily.

2.Write one article in English each day.

3.Listen and Mimic English news

4.Watch English Movies

5.Make a habit of speaking more and more English in your daily life.

6.Buy comics,books and novels and read them in a time limit.

7. Feel confident about yourself and feels that you know this language.

8.Never read tense books or grammar books at your initial stage because that will make this task more difficult for you.

English Learning Introduction Video:

how to get Youtube previews with Gmail?

1.Click on setting at top right of your gmail page.

2.Click on Labs which is third last tag

3.Select Enable

4.Click on Save changes at the bottom