RPSC HM C Section Answer Key 2012

Q.1 National Mustard Research center is located at :
(4) Severe

Q2.Match the following Mineral and Main production area in Rajasthan:
(1). (iiii) - (v)-(i)-(ii) because Feldspar is matched with Ajmer and Calcite with Sikar

Q3. Un report on human development index(HDI) assess long term progress in different indicators. These indicators are:

(2). Health, Education and Income

Q4 Dholpur power project is based on :
(2) Gas

Q5.Which of the following pairs are not correctly matched:
(4). Dholi Irrigation Project - Bundi

Q6.The specially designed computers are used in large organizations to perform very complex calculations extremely rapidly are called as:
(2) Mainframe Computers

Q7. Which of the following devices stores instruction those help the computers start up?
(3). Read Only Memory(ROM)

Q8.What type of device is a computer monitor?

Q9.The term Pentium is related to what?

Q10.Choose correct set of input devices:
(1). Keyboard, mouse, scanner, joystick

Q11. Which one is a primary memory?
(1). Random Access Memory (RAM)

Q12.Which cannot act as both input and output devices?
(4) Mouse

Q13. Octal equivalent of decimal number 100 is:
(2) 144

Q14.Binary addition of 1010 and 1011 is equal to:
(3) 00010101

Q15. Choose correct sentence for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers(ICANN) :
(4). ICANN coordinates Domain Name System (DNS)

Q16.What does FTP stands for ?
(1) File Transfer Protocol

Q17. Web Browser are used for:
(2) To view web pages

Q18.In the Koppen's classification 'A' stands for
(1). Tropical Climate

Q19.Which one of the following is not correct ?
(2). Bwk- Cold Mid latitude desert

Q20. Southern most ranges in India are known as:
(4). Cardamom hills

Q21. Which one of the following is not situated along the coast of Great lakes?
(1). Minneapolis

Q22. Chlorophyll helps in :

Q23. The biological process which releases O2:

Q24. In hypermetropia, distinct image of the object forms:
(1). Behind the retina
Reason: The causes of hyperopia are typically genetic and involve an eye that is too short or a cornea that is too flat, so that images focus at a point behind the retina.

Q25. The cause of irritation produced by chillies is:
(3). Capscicin

Q26.Chemically "Milk of Magnesia" is:

(3). Mg(OH)2

Q27. Acid is a :
(1) Proton(H+) Donor

Q28. 1 gm of fat provides how much energy?
(3). 9 Kilocalorie

Q29.Which food has maximum biological value for proteins:
(1). Soyabean

Q30.How many mitosis are required in the formation of 64 cells ?
(3) 32

Q31. Following are green house gases :
(1). Co2, N2O, CFC

Q32.One Molecule of CFC by chain reaction destroy how much molecules of Ozone:
(2). About One Lakh

Q33.Rickets in Children and Osteoporosis in adults is caused by:
(3) Deficiency of Vitamin-D

Q34. Water is liquid because:
(2). Hydrogen Bond

Q35.Lactose is made up of:
(3)  Glucose + Galactose

Q36. Burning of pure carbon yields CO2. This process is:
(1). Oxidation

Q37.Structural and functional unit of Kidney is:
(2)Renal Tubule

Q38. Chief Metabolic organ of human body is :
(4). Liver

Q39. Part of eye which can be transplanted:
(2) Cornea

Q40.The name of Darwin's ship was :

Q41. The Rajasthan State animal is:

Q42. The Breathing rate in Human being is:
(2) 10 to 12
but it varies according to age so I am not sure :
Newborns: 30-40 breaths per minute
Less Than 1 Year: 30-40 breaths per minute 
1-3 Years: 23-35 breaths per minute
3-6 Years: 20-30 breaths per minute 
6-12 Years: 18-26 breaths per minute 
12-17 Years: 12-20 breaths per minute 
Adults Over 18: 8–20 breaths per minute.

Q43. Insulin hormone is secreted by :
(1) Alpha cells of Pancreas

Q44. Two or more similar atoms to form a:
(1) Molecule

Q45.Amla and Green Chilly are the source of :
(1). Vitamin -C

Q46. Biological Clock in Human Being is:
(1)Pineal body

Q47. Author of "prabandh chintamani":
(3).Meru Tung

Q48.Who was the saint invited to Fatehpur Sikri by Akbar?
(1) Dadu Dayal

Q49. Which of the following places demanded by Hitler from Poland?
(1) Danzing

Q50. How many countries fought in the First World War?
(4). 37

Q51."If Rousseau had not been born, revolution in France would have been impossible".Who said this?
(2).Napolean Bonaparte

Q52. Which of the following countries remained neutral during both the World Wars?

Q53. Prarthana Samaj was founded by
(3) Atmaram Pandoorang

Q54. The founder of 'Servants of Indian Society' was:
(3) Gopal Krishna Gokhle

Q55.Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched?
(2). Dr Rajendra Prasad - India wins freedom

Q56. Arrange the following Satyagrahas of Mahatma Gandhi in Chronological order:
(2).c,a,b and d

Q57. Consider the following battles:
(3) c,a,b and d

Q58. 'Liberty' mentioned in the Preamble, do not include Liberty of
(4) Livelihood

Q59. According to Constitution, India is a :
(2) Union of States

Q60.Match the feature of Indian Constitution and its foreign source:
(4) A-III / B-IV / C-I / D-II

Q61. The intermediate level of Panchayat Raj Institution in Rajasthan is:
(3). Panchayat Samiti

Q62. In Indian Constitution, which Fundamental Right includes 'Right to Education'?
(3) . Cultural and Educational Rights

Q63. By which Constitutional Amendment, Right to property has been removed from Fundamental Right?
(3) 44th

Q64. Total number of Fundamental duties mentioned in the Indian Constitution is :
(4) 11

Q65. In which case Supreme Court propounded the 'Basic Structure Doctrine' for the first time?
(3) Keshavnath Bharti Case, 1973

Q66. The term of members of Rajya Sabha is :
(2) 6 years

Q67. Total number of members of Public Accounts Committee of Parliament:
(4) 22
15 from Lok Sabha and 7 from Rajya Sabha

Q68 Deputy Speaker of present Lok Sabha is:
(4) Kariya Munda

Q69. Which State is represented by Dr. Man Mohan Singh in Rajya Sabha?
(1) Assam

Q70. Council of Ministers in the Union is responsible to:
(4) Lok Sabha

Q71.In the verdict of which case in 1994, Supreme Court has established guiding principles to use article 356?
(2) S. R . Bommai Case

Q72. First woman Judge in the Supreme court of India is:
(1) Fatima Beevi

Q73. A highly advanced water management system of the Harappan period has been unearthed at :
(1) Lothal

Q74. Which of the following is not associated with Jainism?
(3) Sarvastivada

Q75. The medium of exchange during the Mauryan Period was:
(3) Pana

Q76. Which of the following is not a work of Kalidas?
(4). Kadambari

Q77. Sravanbelgola is associated with:
(3). Jainism

Q78. The Buddhist Center that did have direct connection with the Buddha during his life time
(1) Sanchi

Q79. Which of the following texts was not written by Harsha?
(4). Harshcharit

Q80 Which of the following dynasties do not claim to have originated from mythical 'Agnikula' ?

Q81.Which of the following officers were not related to the market -control system of Alauddin Khilji?
(2). Divan-i-Riyasat

Q82. Which of the following pair is not correctly matched?
(1). Hauz-i -Khas ---Muhammad-bin-Tuglaq

Q83. "Din-i-Ilahi' was a monument of Akbar's folly and not his wisdom." who made this statement?
(2). Vincent Smith

Q84.Jagirdari crisis had developed in the Mughal Empire during the reign of
(3). Aurangzeb

Q85. In which year Akbar introduced 'Ain-i-Dahsala' ?
(2) 1580 AD.

Q 86. Who was not a member of 'Ashta Pradhan' ?
(4) Deewan

Q87. Shivaji was born in the fort of :
(2) Shivner

Q88. The first Pratihar ruler who assumed the title of Parambhattaraka Maharajadhiraj Parmeshwar' was :
(4) Mahendrapal I

Q89. Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched ?
(4). V.D. Savarkar - 1857 : The Great Rebellion

Q90. Which of the following is not correctly matched?
(2) Indian University Act - 1902 A.D.

Q91. Lord Curzon set up a Police Commision in 1902. Who was its Chairman?
(4) Andrew Frazer

Q92. Who among the following was the commander of the British Army in the battle  of Wandiwash?
(1) Sir Eyre Coote

Q93. With which of the following wars the convention of Wadgaon is connected?
(2) First Anglo-Maratha War

Q94. The British Governor General who established Agricultural Research Institute at Pusa in Begal was:
(2).Lord Curzon

Q95. Who was the founder of Sirohi Rajya Praja Mandal?
(3) Gokul Bhai Bhatt

Q96. Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched?
(4) Chandra Singh Birkali - Amal ra Augun

Q97. Chaurasi Khambon ki Chhatari' is situated at :
(2) Bundi

Q98. Which of the following painters is associated with Mewar School of Painting?
(3) Sahibdin

Q99. In which of the following cities Sawai Jai Singh did not set up an observatory?
(3) Agra

Q100. In which of the following Rajasthani works the Account of Alauddin Khalji's conquest is given?
(1) Kanhadde Prabandha

Q101. Who made the Rajpramukha of Matsya Union?
(2) Maharaja Udai Bhan Singh

Q102.Which state has Bi-cameral Legislature?

Q103.Chairman of committee on public accounts in present rajasthan legislative assembly is :
(2). Gulab Chand Kataria

Q104. Maximum allowed number of member of council of minister in Rajasthan is:
(2). 30

Q105. Identify the defective pair regarding Governor and his present held state:
(3) Margaret Alva - Himachal Pradesh

Q106. How many subject are enlisted in the 11th Schedule of constitution for Panchayat Raj institution?
(1). 29

Q107. National Income in India is estimated by :
(1). Central Statistical Organization

Q108. Which of the following contributes highest in the countries GDP?
(3). Service Sector

Q109. The Percentage of population living below poverty line has been estimated by the planning commission for the year 2004-05?
(1). 36.5

Q110. The decadal growth rate of population in India during 2001-2011 was?
(1). 17.64

Q111. The main obstacle in the rapid industrial development of our country is
(2). Inadequate Infrastructure.

Q112. Which one among the following is not an objective of food management in India:
(3). Export of Food Grains

Q113. In India the share of Agriculture in GDP has declined at a very fast rate in the recent year, this is due to :
(4). Very slow growth rate of Agriculture and a fast rate of growth of other sectors.

Q114. The literacy rate in India in census year 2011 was:
(1). 74.04

Q115. Among the food grain crops which one of the following provides maximum output in the country?
(3). Rice

Q116. Which district had the highest growth of population in Rajasthan during 2001-11 ?
(2) Barmer

Q117. State top four states with highest population according to census 2011 ?
(1). UP, MH, Bihar and WB

Q118. In which district of the Rajasthan , the female literacy rate is minimum age per census 2011?

Q119. In which region of Rajasthan , Indira Gandhi Nahar Project provide water for irrigation and drinking purpose?
(2). Western Region

Q120. Match the following
(3). (iv)-(iii)-(ii)-(i)

Q121. Which mineral of the following associated with the Kho Dhariba region in Rajasthan :
(2) Copper

Q122. Which of these is a correct form of email address?
(2) ramesh@gmail.com

Q123. Which type of program would you use for search , for hotels for an upcoming business trip?
(2). Search Engine.

Q124. ___________is a collection of many separate networks?
(2). MAN

Q125. In Rajasthan steel grid limestone is found in:
(4). Jaisalmer- Nagore District

Q126. Which one of the following is not correct?
(4) Bundi - Garnet

Q127.Rajasthan keeps her monopoly in the production of :
(1) Wollastonite

Q128. Which one of the following is known as Granite city of rajasthan?
(3). Granite

Q129. In which district of Rajasthan , Saharia Tribe is concentrated :
(4) Baron

Q130. District having highest decadal population growth in Rajasthan during 2001 - 2011?
(4). Jaipur

Q131. Mathania Solar Energy Project is situated in :
(2). Jodhpur District

Q132. Which one of the following joins Mumbai with Pune?
(1) Bhor Ghat

Q133. Most of the Khasi Tribal population is concentrated in
(3) Meghalaya

Q134. Which one of the following crop in India covers highest cultivated land?

Q135. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched?
(3). Singhbhum- Bihar

Q136. Which of the following state is India's leading producer of Manganese:
(2) Orissa because Orissa is leading producer of manganese ore.After Orissa Karnataka is the second leading producer.

Q137.India's Largest Coal Deposit:
(1) Damodar River Valley

Q138.Highest percentage of net sown area:

Q139.Coffe Production in India
(4) (iv) -(ii) -(i) -(iii) because Karnataka accounting 53% followed by Kerala 28% and Tamil Nadu 11%.

Q140. National Oil Seed Development Project:
(1) 1985-86

Q141. Manchester of South India :
(2) Coimbatore

Q142. India exports
(4) Tea and Coffee

Q143.Highest Area under Mustard Cultivation:
(2) Rajasthan

Q144. Part of Mid Atlantic Ridge is known as challenger rise :
(2)Middle Part

Q145. Largest Mountain Chain of the world is :
(3) Andeses

Q147.River crosses equator twice:
(2) Congo(Zaire)

Q148. Bengula current flows along:
(1) South West Coast of Africa

Q149.Humboldt Current
(2) Peru current

Q150.Telegraph Plateau is situated at:
North Atlantic Ocean

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