RPSC HM exam paper second Answer key - 2012

Q11. Who was the honored with Rajasthan Ratna in 2012?
(4). Pandit V M Bhatt

Q12. Which is not properly matched in the following teams?
(1). Raj Thakre - Shiv Sena

Q13. For which state Parliament made a law in 2010 to create the legislative council :
(2). Tamil Nadu

Q14. Who was the chairman of the Thirteenth Finance Commission ?
(3). Vijay Kelkar

Q15. In 2012 how many candidates of the congress party were elected to the Rajya Sabha from Rajasthan?
(1) 2

Q16.Which fundamental right has been added by the 97th Constitution Amendment Act of 2012?
(3). Right to form and operate cooperative societies.

Q17. Which musician was honored with Bharat Ratna?
(3). Bismillah Khan

Q19. Pravasi Bharatiya Divas was celebrated in Jaipur in January 2012. What was its serial number?
(3) Tenth

Q20.Who is India's representative at the United Nations ?
(1). Hardeep Singh Puri

Q21. Presently which set of minority language are being taught in Government school of Rajasthan?
(3). Gujrati, Punjabi,  Urdu, Sindhi

Q23. Given below,except one, are laws of Heredity, Identify the one which is not the law of Heredity?
(4). Law of Regression

Q26.The rules framed for the commencement of the right of children in the state for free and compulsory education are titled as:
(2). Rajasthan Right of Children to free and compulsory education rules- 2010.

Q28.Right to Minorities related to Educational Institutions include all accept one - identify
(1) Establish Educational Institution

Q29.According to the right of free and Compulsory Education for Children the School Management Committee shall constitute an execution committee Which is not included in this committee.
(2)B.E.O of the area

Q30. According to the Rajasthan Right of Children to free and compulsory education rules, following information's are required to be collected for school development plans. Identify the one which is not required to be collected for this purpose?
(4). Records of Bank Account

Q31. The word 'Competent Authority' has been defined in rule 7(6) of the RSR as :
(3).(i) and (iv)

Q34. At which place the Sixteenth Conference of the SAARC was held in 2010?
(2). Thimpu( Bhutan)

Q35.How many are the members of the United Nations at present?
(3). 193

Q36. Which country has adapted the strategy of 'string of pearls' to encircle india?
(3) China

Q37. In which country the wave of Arab Spring created conditions of civil war which resulted in the killing of its President?
(3). Libya

Q38.Who Presided the XV Conference of the non aligned nation held at Sharm-el-Sheikh in 2009?
(2).Hosni Mubarak

Q39. Who is the Prime Minister of China ?
(3). Jen Ziabao
spelling mistake,wen ziabao

Q43. Who has been deputed by the United Nation's to prevent bloodshed and resolve the crisis in Syria?
(1). Kofi Annan

Q44. Which great Pakistan was held guilty of the contempt of court by the Supreme Court that sentenced him till the rising of the court?
(4) Yusuf Raza Geelani

Q45. Which prime minister inaugurated India's 'Look East Policy'?
(1) P.V. Narsimha Rao

Q46. Which country had its partition in 2011?
(3) Sudan

Q52. जहा धरती आकाश मिलते दिखाई पड़ते है :

Q53. कार्य प्रारंभ करने के लिए किस मुहावरे का प्रयोग होता है :
(4)श्री गणेश करना 

Q59. I have lived twenty years in Lucknow.
(2). Present Perfect

Q60. He is writing a letter.
(1). Present Continuous

Q61. The roses in your garden are beautiful.
(4).Present Simple

Q62.The Principal read the report
(3) The report was read by the Principal.

Q63. _______ Persons were hurt in the accident.
(1) Some

Q64. I would like to have ________ more bananas.

Q65. Lion is ____ dangerous animal.
(4). a

Q66. He flew kites_____ the rooftop.
(3) from

Q67. I shall do it ____ pleasure
(4) with

Q68. Caution
(2) Carefulness

Q69. Delight
(1) Pleasure

Q70. Affection
(3) Fondness

Q72. Mean deviation is least when the variable is measured from _______
(2) Median

Q73.Sum of deviations of a variable, measured from its _____ is always _____
(1) mean, zero

Q74. The mean of 10 observations is 16. On checking it was found that 2 observations were wrongly copied as 4 and 6 in place of 8 and 7. The correct mean is:
(4) 16.5

Q79. A prime number greater than 11 will never end with :
(4) 5

Q80. Square root of 45156.25 is:
(1) 212.5

Q81. A bag contains 5 Rupee, 2 Rupee and 1 Rupee coins in the ration 5:6:7. If the total amount is Rupees 220, the number of 2 Rupee coins in the bag is:
(2) 30

Q82. In an examination 40 % students failed in Mathematics, 30 % failed in English and 10 % failed in both. The percentage of students who passed in both is.
(2) 40

Q91. "Learning : The treasures within" is the title presented by :
(1). Delor's Commission

Q92. Which statement does not reflect the concept of Pedagogy?
(3) Science and abstractions and generalization.

Q95. 'Operation Black Board' Scheme was given by:
(2). National Policy on Education

(3). Russia

Q97. 4 : 18 :: 6 : ?
(2). 38

Q98. 2,11,47,191,767,?

I think answer is not correct because series is like this 2, 5, 11, 23, 47, 95, 191, 383, 767, 1535, 3071, so answer should be 3071

Q99. 7,12,19,28, 39, ?
(1) 52

Q100. PAW : CAT :: HOOF : ?
(4) Horse

Q101. ABC : ZYX :: CBA : ?
(1) XYZ

Q102. 7, 26, 65, 124, 203, ?
(4) 302

(4) None of these

Q104. If KEDGY is coded as EKDYG then how will LIGHT be coded ?

Q105. Seema says, "Vivek's grand father is the only son of my father." How is Seema related to Vivek?
(4) None of These, she is sister of his grandfather

Q106.What is the difference between the number of students passed with 30 as cut-off marks in Chemistry and those passed with 30 as cut-off marks in aggregate?
(4) 6

Q108.How many 6's are there in the following number series which are either preceded by 4 or followed by 7?
(2) 2

Q109. Which of the following diagrams indicates the best relation between Travelers, Train and Bus?
(3) because Bus and Train are different from each other but some travelers travel by bus and some travel by train

Q110. Which of the following diagram indicates the best relation between Pigeon ,Bird and Dog?
(1) because All the pigeons are birds while dog is different from these.

Q111. Chose the box that is similar to the box formed from the given sheet of paper (X) :
(3)  (A), (C) and (D) only

Q112. 3 + 6 * ( 5+ 4) / 3 -7 using the order of operation :
(2) 14

Q113 Evaluate 150 / ( 6 + 3 * 8) - 5 using the order of operation :
(1) 0

Q114.The Managing Director entered the conference room 10 minutes before 12:30 hours for interviewing. He came 20 minutes before the chairman. Who was 30 minutes late. At what time the interviews were schedules?
(4) 12.10

Q115. Ram remembers that Mohan's birthday is after 19th but before 22nd November, where as Shanta remembers that Mohan's birthday is after 20th but before 24th November. Which day is Mohan's birthday?
(2) 21 November

Q116 How many 5's are there in the following number series, which are preceeded by 3 but not followed by 2?
(4) None of these

Q117. If for a certain quantity of books, the publisher has to pay Rs 30,600 as printing cost, then what will be amount of royalty to be paid for the books?
(3) 22,950

Q118. The price of the book is marked 20 percent above the cost price, if the marked price of the book is 180, then what is the cost of paper used in a single copy?

Q119. Royalty on the book is less than the printing cost by:
(4) 25 %

Q120. Primary data :
(2) are less reliable than secondary data

Q121. Which one of the following is a graphical representation of data?
(2) Multiple bars

Q122. Commutative frequency curve is used to find _____
(2) Quartile Deviation

Q123. Histogram can be used to find_________
(1) Mean

Q124.According to operant conditioning, learning is associated with:
(3).Stimulus - Response

Q125.Which combination is important for the development of a child?
(2) Heredity and Environment

Q126. The concept of unit plan was given by :
(1).J.S Bruner ( Not sure!)

Q127. Linear Co-efficient correlation has been given by:
(3)Karl Pearson

Q128.Which motive inspires an individual to do socially accepted activities?
(4). Approval Motive

Q130. What is not the trait of Personality ?
(4) Good looks

Q133. A teacher should praise a student:
(2) Who asks questions

Q138. Rajasthan secondary education board was set up on Dec. 1957 in :
(2) Jaipur

Q141. Gargi Prize distribution ceremony is held anually on:
(2) On Basant Panchami

Q147. As per the suggested norms of Sarv Shikha Abhiyan The TPR(Teacher pupil ratio) at primary and upper primary state is :
(1) 1:40


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