How to build your own app for free?

Although there are millions of app available in app store, still sometime we don’t find app we are looking for. Moreover, there are thousands like us who might search for similar app but not find it. So, why don’t we build our own app?
Many of us think that building app is complex task and required lot of programming skill. I am writing this post to break that myth. Today, there are many free websites are available which can help us to build our app and that is too for free. I will discuss some of them here:
1. Appsbar

It is one of the best places to develop apps. It helps you to understand apps from its very first step. Moreover, here you can program apps for any android device. This website contains Appsbar digi, which guide you in every step of app development. After deciding purpose of your app, its background and succession, you submit it to appsbar team, which later test app with quality standard of google and also suggest you if any improvement required. Our apps get live within 15 days of our submission.

2. ibuildapp
With the help of ibuildapp, you can build apps for both Apple and Android devices. It provides you complete content management system. Using it you can update your app even after making it lives on market. Its creation process is similar to other app development tools. You need to select one template, its design and look, after that you need to attach content and data. After completion, you can submit this app.

3. Andromo
As its name suggest, this platform is for Android devices. Using this app builder you can build app having features such as Video, Interactive Maps, Flickr Gallery, Music Player and RSS News feed. Free app would contain ads and andromo will take half of your ads income as its service charge. If you want your app to be add free than you need to pay one time fees of 99 dollars to andromo. After that you can sell your app on android market.

4. buzztouch
It helps you to understand App Creation, Its process and difficult terms and condition involved with it. Using it you can develop apps for both iOS and Android. Although you can use Online Control Panel to start your app development, but you need to download source code of this app on your PC which needs Xcode(Apple) and Eclipse(Android) to run it on your computer. If you do not have any programming knowledge, don’t worry buzz touch will provide you all the information needed and useful links.

It provides tools to develop apps three most popular platforms such as Windows, Android and iOS. Its user interface is extremely easy to use. In a step by step process, first you need to select platform, then url and rss feeds, after that you can use images and at the end you adds background and related information in the app. If you want to fix the price of your app, you can decide price of your app. Not only that, but you can even select whether you want to make your app ad free or not. Moreover, Appmakr provides you quality index which tells you about chances of your app approval.

 6. Appinvertor

Its an initiative taken by MIT. Unlike its competitors it is an open source tool and needs Google Account to start with. It works on Android Platform. With little practice you can master the science of app development with this tool. Yes, you can develop app using graphic interface in other app developer but app inventor specialty is, here you can join screens and set your animation. In this tool you can use features of social networking connectivity. It provides you both location and orientation sensor functions. If you want integrated advance features, then you can use bar code scanner, text to speech and speech recognition system. The only disadvantage with this tool is that it does not provide help in getting your application approved at google store. Once you build your app, you can download it as APK file and can send to it to your friends. You can install it in your phone too.

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