How to read Girl body language ?

These are the Girl body language tips , that will make you understand Girls better :-

Body Language Of Girls Interested in Man :-

1. Legs twined
Often used deliberately, this pose emphasizes the sleek shape of the female legs very effectively. When a woman is wearing a skirt it tends to expose an extra lenght of thigh.

2. Legs crossed so a knee points

Often seen when a woman is sitting on a sofa with a man that she's interested in next to her. The knee points directly to him. Sometimes a girl will cross her legs and slip one foot partially free from the shoe; at others, the foot moves slowly in and out of the shoe, with an obvious innuendo.

3.Mouth and lips

Mouth slightly open and lips moistened, whether by make-up or saliva, are said to be a sign of sexual invitation
-lipstick is thought to have been used since earliest times to enhance the attractiveness of the lips. In practice, of course , most women wear some make-up, and have their mouths open some of the time, so these signs are not a very reliable guide.

4.Crossing and Uncrossing the legs

Perhaps this is a variation on the sideways glance. The legs are crossed, uncrossed and then recrossed the other way sometime during the conversation. It can be done so naturally and innocently that the man onlooker hardly realizes he is being invited to take in the agreeable female leg shape, emphasized by crossing and uncrossing. But it may give him the feeling the 'things are going OK'.

5. Good Sign

If a man finds a female standing or walking close to his side , she probably finds him attractive.

6. Bad sign

If you notice her handbag is somehow always between you and her, it could mean she does't want you to touch her. Women use portable objects - typing handbangs, but also umbrellas and briefcases - as barriers; or they may keep their hands in their pockets.

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