How to get good english songs?

To listen good English songs you can visit following links :-

1.Smash Hits(good songs , search a song or just directly click on option like jazz, pop etc etc.)
2.Mp3Raid(There are some pop ups so enable popup blocker before logging in)
3. 3mp3(Good collection of english songs)
4.Rhapsody(Full lenght music, videos and more)
5.Emp3Finder(Download Mp3 songs from this site) and reputed website)
7.Zaycev (Don't be afraid with the language of this site, just click on starting alphabet of your song)

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  1. Hello. This is a nice site! However, I can't find this song I want so desperatly for free!

    Dj Quicksilver- New Life.

    If you can find that for me, I would be so happy!

    Please Email it to me at


  2. u can get free english songs from them also :D