How to decide which carrier is best for me?

Dreams galore

You all have worked hard to ensure that you come out with flying colours in your senior secondary exams. Now, what next after class XII? That question must have come up several times, probably even before you were out of school.
For those who are very sure about the career they want to choose it’s great. However there are many students who are eager to take off but are not sure which career option to choose.
Remember; it is not the number of alphabets in your qualification that lands you a pluml job but your kar ke dikhayega attitude.
This can come only with confidence, which in turn comes from rigorous preparation.
Earlier course options after higher secondary were rather limited to engineering, medical, CA , CS and ICWA, however today courses like BBA, BBS, BCA, BHM, BMS , integrated management and IT programmes etc., prepares a student for exciting careers in management and information technology.

Here‘s a brief idea about some of new age career options:


The need for good managers is bound to increase everywhere in the years to come. Resources are scarce and efficient management of these resources is the key to survival.
Management as a profession offers a promising future for those who possess leadership qualities, an analytical mind, problem-solving abilities, effective organizational and communication skills, and an excellent academic record. A Bachelor in Business Administration ( or studies) ( BBA or BBS), a three-year programme, is one of the most sought after courses at the under graduate level. This degree from a reputed university or college can ensure a sound start to rewarding and challenging career in management.
You can get entry-level professional jobs as management or executive trainee in banking, consultancy, finance, FMCG( fast moving consumer goods), consumer durables, information technology, industrial goods, advertising and other sectors.


Information Technology is seen as the vehicle for future development, the force that will shape our tomorrow. Computer’s and communication technologies are the main components of IT. Indian IT professionals are much in demand. They are taking the global software industry by storm with their sharp technical skills coupled with excellent command over English. The demand for Indian IT professionals at times far exceeds supply. This is the reason why several new institutes have come up, offering degree courses in Bachelor of Information Systems( BIT) and Bachelor of computer Application (BCA).


Commerce offers enormous opportunities with the increasing professionalism in all sectors of the economy, A student who wishes to be a Chartered Accountant ( CA ), Company Secretary ( CS), Cost or Management Accountant( accredited to the Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India or ICWAI), Mater of Business Administration(MBA) or plans to take up a career in the field of Commerce, normally pursues B.Com at the graduate level. A B.Com Degree course is offered by almost all the universities across India. Some colleges and universities conduct an entrance test for students. The test includes objective type questions on Economics, Money Banking, Accountancy, Business Organization, Mathematics, Language, etc.


In keeping with the changing times and in response to the new challenges posed by disappearing international borders, professionals in law are now needed to master new skills.
Yes, they are no longer mere lawyers in the traditional sense of the term but hardcore professionals with an international perspective and plenty of corporate savvy.
The legal profession is today one of the fastest growing and lucrative professions all over the world. It happens to be one of the most adventurous and exciting as well. One can pursue either a five year course after higher secondary or a three-year course after graduation in any discipline, leading to a B.A., LL.B(Hons). The five year course usually covers practical training too.

Hotel Management

The growth of domestic and international travel for business as well as pleasure has contributed greatly towards the growth of the hotel industry. Today easier and faster modes of travel are available and this has brought about a change in the attitudes of tourist from all over the world.
All over India there are more than 200 institutes which provide training in hotel management. Courses run by reputed hotel chains are the most coveted.

Skills needed to clear these tests : -

Many institutes giving degrees like BBA, BMS, Law, Hotel Management etc. conduct an entrance test which tests individuals on various aptitude areas like Maths, Logical Reasoning, Language Current and Business Awareness etc.

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