How to download free hindi Movies?

If you want to download movies and music videos's without using any software then you need to read my post "download hindi videos".

Here I will show you the way to download movies using free softwares.

Why we need software, when we can download movies directly?
Good question, There are two benefits of using software's :

1. Movies are big in size in comparison to Music Video's , so we can't able to download it continuously at once. We want to download it with our convenience, when we are free and not working on our computer( for eg. night).
Torrents( software which we will use), will help us to retain incomplete downloaded file till download completes.

2. Torrents have largest databases, for movies, songs, videos, games and almost everything. Searching of that database is easier too

Steps required to download movies :

1. Open Sourceforge Azureus Download page to download Windows Torrent. You can download it by clicking windows appeared at the top of windows sign.

After click, pop up will appear as shown, click save file to start download.

Now open biggest movie database .

Search for your movie, i want to download "ddlj" my favorite movie so i search for it, you can search your favorite movie. When i searched for it and got two download's as shown.

Here we need to select movie with divx format, because these movies dvd burning of these movies are easy. Click on green downward showing arrow.

Its done your downloading start. I hope it helps. Enjoy!



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