How to download free hindi video songs?

I am showing you step by step procedure to download hindi video songs on internet :

1. Open google and search string as shown below.Type your song at the place of "your song name". Here I will show you downloading of my favorite song Tum say hi ( Jab we met) Video.

2. As I want to download "Tum say hi " i will type that string in google search box and to be more specific i will type name of the movie too.

Click here to see example

3. I will select and copy url ( as shown in the pic )of the first video appeared in search result because video shown in order of their ratings. It means that first video has got highest rating and it should be of good quality.

4.Open keepvid and paste url in the textbox there.

5. Click download at the right hand side of text box.

6. Click on first number option if you want to download video in lower quality( dial up connection) and second number option if you want it in good quality. For first option you need flv player and for second mp4 player.

7. After clicking, download will start automatically.

I hope it helps, Enjoy!



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