Distance learning mba in india

One of my blog reader Remya Damodaran emailed me this question and i found it useful enough to share it with you.

I think most of the people who will read this post is interested in distance mba. So keeping them in mind, I will discuss some very important things that would help them.

Distance education for fresher :

Distance MBA as a fresh graduate is worthless because distance education cannot groom your personality which a class room program can do

It may be fruitful while working somewhere.

Top 10 mba courses in India

check them out in Rediff.com

Distance Learning in India for foreign students and NRI

India's one of the most reputed distance learning Institute Symbiosis has its online exams centers all around the world . It has center in Dubai too ( asked by Remya).

If by chance you are living in a country where it's center doesn't exist, you do not need to worry about that because Symbiosis recognized exams from all reputed university around the world, the only condition is that Exam should be given in front of an Invigilator of any reputed college/university. This exam can't be given from Public cafe's and Library.

For more information you can visit http://www.scdl.net/internationalstudents.asp

Distance learning for Indian students :

Distance education college list provide by How to answers

Top colleges of Distance learning

2003 list but it is still very useful

I will update this page soon and provide you more information about mba 's and distance education in India.

I hope it helps!


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