Top 5 Open Source softwares you should know about

The term open source describes practices in production and development that promote access to the end product's source materials.Open source technology has been widely adapted and used by global community. With the help of this technology you can easily complete your office or home's work. Moreover , for doing all this you don't need to change your operating system (windows XP , Mac or Ubuntu) or  nor you need to buy expensive software because in open source everything is free.

PDF Forge :
Most of us use Adobe Acrobat to create pdf files.Adobe Reader(Free software,used for reading only) is different from Adobe Acrobat(Paid one,reading and writing). In the place of Adobe Acrobat you can use any open source pdf creater such as PDF Forge. Using it you can create any number of PDF files for free and it is also available as windows application.


Ubuntu :
To run any application on our computer we need operating system.The most used operating system is Microsoft Windows, but it is licensed one. If you want to use operating system which is free , you can download unix based os Ubuntu. Advantage with ubuntu is that you can run it on Windows just as any other application. There are other linux distributions too such as : Open Suze , Fedora  but I like Ubuntu most.

Open office :

We all have worked on MS Office once in a while. It is one of the best software ever written. Its business applications are extremely popular such as Word, Excel and Power point. But if you are looking for office suite which are free,then openoffice is best option for you.It includes Word Processor Writer, Spreadsheet,Presentation, drawing and graphic tools.It is very easy to use, there are tools available to generate formulas and equations.It has been developed by Sun Microsystems as a counterpart of MS Office.

Ink Scape :
Coral Draw graphics suite is one of the most popular drawing software application. With the help of it you can do job of desktop publishing easily.Its open source option is ink scape. It is 2D Vector Graphic editor.It is so good that you will never miss coral draw again.


Gimp :
Adobe Photoshop is one of the most famous graphic edition software.Its every new version presents various new image editing and drawing techniques.Its is known to be one of the most trendy and latest drawing application but if you are looking for its open source counterpart than you can use gimp.Gimp means : GMU Image Manipulation Program.It is one of the oldest graphic application.

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