How to find positives in your failures?

In this world no body wants to be a looser. Every one wants success in life.Sometime they achieve it sometime they don't.It happens many time that despite our great effort and determination, we could not able to reach our goal. In that time of difficulties , instead of getting sad and depressed ,it is much better to get out of failure as soon as possible.If you give emphasis on some important points, your failure can become formula of your success.

What is success ?

Before trying for success , it is important to define it. Every one has different measures of success.Someone's success is to earn 10 dollars a day while other one take it as a failure.Most of the confusion starts from definition of success itself,so what are our parameters for success? If you decide your parameters of success , you will get to know failures parameters too. That would help you to clearly define your goal.

Analysis is important :

Addison once said that by failing 1000 times, he get to know 1000 different ways of not getting results.In the same way, if you analyze your every defeat,you can get some positive out of it.Moreover you would know what went wrong last time to not to repeat it next time.

Never Demoralize yourself :

People who, blame themselves for their failure,finds it difficult to move forward in life, but it doesn't mean that you blame others for your failure.So instead of playing blame game,accept your failure with a calm mind and start planning for the future.

Be brave :

Never loose hope from one or two failure because life always give a second chance and it may be possible that your failure itself is building your path to success.Learn a lesson from it and keep focus on your goal. You will definitely get your success.Listen to Steve Jobs commencement speech at Stanford University, you will know that points connect (failure or success), you don't realize now but in future when you look back, you would say thank god for these failures.It brings me closer to you and my goals both.

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