How to get best free astronomy apps ?

Google Sky Map for Android : Sky Map is a real time application which uses GPS to find out your current location and shows many stars , constellations and even you can watch distant galaxies using this app. When you move your android device in air you can watch stars in different positions. With the help of this application even you can search new stars and constellations.

Google sky

Stellarium for iPhone and iPad : With the help of this application you can watch planets and their satellite in space itself. If you move your tablet 360 degree, you can see different placements of constellations. Important thing is that you can zoom in and out as well as watch in 3D.

SkyORB for iPAD : With the help of this application you can watch 3D Sky red ring and 3D planetarium view. In this app there are other facilities such as Search Engine, Sun Clock , Weather Prediction and Digital Compass.

Star wars Planetarium : With the inspiration of Star wars Death star this table top planetarium has been build. With the help of it , you can watch earth's night sky and star war galaxies.

You will need 3 AAA batteries to power it. It has informative learning guide so you can recognize different solar systems and planets

Star theater Pro : This planetarium has adjustable focus and LID light source. With the help of this application whole galaxy can come into your room.According to device placement ,we can adjust projection angle to get best output.

There is motorized image rotation which can be adjusted according to you comfort.It has automatic timer which get switched off after set time.

Laser Pod : Laser Pod takes you in space.With the help of Laser and LID ,you can draw colored image.It comes with two styles which are galaxy and supernova.  It is famous as Modern day Lava lamp because of its various patterns and colors.
You can buy this product at in 70 dollars. This software helps student to understand astronomy.

Sky watcher nexstar :With the help of Nexstar 60 MLT strong database you can search for meteoroids and it is used for earth view too.

Camera Adapter :  In this device you can attach camera with Telescope eye piece  . You can take multiple pics with the help of that. You can buy it from in Rs 660.

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