How to Add Two numbers in Abacus ?

Top to Bottom :

Abacus is divided into two parts: upper one is having only one bead and they are as called heaven beads with worth 5 while lower ones are known as earth beads with worth each one.

Left To Right :

From Left to Right there are 13 columns which counts from (A , B , C ,D to M). Each column has different value of weight associated with it. For Eg. (A B C D E) are for millions , (F G H I ) are for 1000s 100s 10s and unit weight , (J K L M) are for decimals ?
Example: Add 4 + 5 ?

Step 1. First of all we will select lower of these numbers which is 4.

Step2. Set number 4 on abacus by pushing right most(M) earth bead upwards.

Step 3. Now add 5 more with pushing heaven bead lower in M

Now when you count these beads you will get your answer which is 9.

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