Post postcard from your phone itself

If you are like me who is little bit old fashioned and who still loves to send postcard to friends,than Post Card on the run is for you.This app recently got massive boost when it attracted investment from celebrities like Selena Gomez. 

What this application actually do?
 Imagine snapping a photo with your iPhone and instantly sending it as an actual postcard to friends or family.You only need to capture photo and decide where to send it , all the remaining work would be done by application owners. If sometime you don't remember your friends address, this application has Postal Gopher which helps you out to find that. Moreover you can add your personal messages too.

Does it run on my phone?
Right now it is available for iphone (apple ios) and android (google phones)only ,but I hope soon it would be available on all the mobile platform.
How to Pay for this application ?
You can pay either by credit card or paypal.

Download app from here

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