How to answer multiple choice questions ?

Multiple choice questions are not that easy as they appear. But if you know the correct way to approach the test it will become much more easier for you.

1. Never guess in negative marking questions.

2. If there is any function in the question , use substitution method. For eg is f(x)=x+1  and to prove something there are four options for the value of x. Put these four options (one by one)  in above function. Most probably you will get the answer.

3. If you get the answer easily, check your method again. Objective question are not likely to be straight forward. For eg Add 10 percent area of circle in it's own area and then subtract 10 percent from area you get. What's the remaining area? Its straight answer is "equal" ; but it is not and you know why?

4. If you wanna guess something in objective question guess most awkward answer in the options. For eg if there are four values given such as (a) 1  (b) 3 (c) 5 and (d) root 3 * 5

Then choose root 3 * 5 , Trust me, you'll never regret.

5. Never give too much time to any single question but attempt as many question as you can. Most of the student give lack of time as a reason of there failure.

6. When you start your preparation , do it as you wanna get best grade in exam and when you write your exam don't expect anything from you. It will ease your pressure.

I hope it helps

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