How to start a business without money in india?

Most of the businesses from small to large have been started with little or no money, so you are not exception. Before starting any business, you should know - who's your customer?, what they need? ,How do you differ from your competitors, how much business you can get from these customers? If you have answers of all the above questions you can start business without money.

Here are few tips that will help you out :

1.Lend Money : Lend money from your relatives, friends or near one's. 

2.Rent a place : If it is not extremely necessary don't buy office , rent it and if you can get office for free such as your friends place, your home garage etc. its an added advantage.

2.Search for partners : This is one of the best option. Search a person as your partner who has money to invest and has same interest. He can be your friend , family member or person whom you know.

3.Share based staff : There is no harm in start ups to employ people with share in profit. It will save you lot of money and you will get support at no cost.

4.Keep focused : If your business do not generate profit initially ( most businesses don't ) keep your focus on improving your business and  find out if there's anything wrong?

5.Do Part time Job : People usually face difficulty (initially) to get running capital. So, if you get part time job: do it.

6.Negotiate everything : Always remember ! Every thing is negotiable, so negotiate with investment banks,customers and whomsoever involved with your business.

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