UT Star UT -330R2U- WiFI ( Type-II) settings

Wifi Settings
i. Open the browser and type the url
ii. Type username admin and password admin in login window.
iii. Click on the ‘Interface Setup’ on menu bar and select ‘Internet’. See that the VPI value is ‘0’ and VCI value is ‘35’. Select ISP as PPPoA/PPPoE. Enter username and password (given by BSNL) and click on Save.

Wi-Fi Security Configuration:

i. Click on ‘Interface Setup’ and select ‘Wireless’
ii. Select authentication type Wep-128Bits and enter 13 digit key. ( You need to configure same key in your laptop/PC)

How to create connection in win xp ?

Start-->Control Panel-->Network Connection ---> Add new connection-->Next--->

1.Now select connect to the internet radio box.

2. Select connect to the internet broadband require username and password. (second option) click next

3.Give Isp name as 'bsnl' or whatever you want.click next

4.enter username and password (given by bsnl) and click next

5. Your done, create shortcut and finish.

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