How to Negotiate salary with HR ?

Why Negotiate?

Usually Employers offer salary lower than they can pay  and if you ask for more you will get more.

Can I do it?
Of course you can, this is an art and with few basic tips you can master it.

Helpful Articles

Some websites links and suggestions from Harvard business school

Are you really ready to negotiate?

Tools which can help :

Salary Calculator

Pdf files

Smart Salary Negotiating

Principles of Negotiating salary and Employment packages

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1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the informative video.

    I have one question. What if the employer directly tells you on phone that salary is so and so and tells you I will mail you the offer letter.

    Then after receiving offer letter can you negotiate; the way mentioned in the report?

    Also, if say your current CTC is $15,000 at an auditing firm and you are changing the job for better profile in corporate finance valuation in some other firm the can you expect hike in salary from your previous CTC?

    Thank you in advance.