How to answer case study questions?

Case studies are done to check your analytical thinking and reasoning. To crack case study interviews :

1.Answer confidently with complete analysis and reasons.

2.Avoid using strong words such as "must be" , " definitely" , etc. You should use word's like "In my opinion", "this should be" .

3.Case studies do not have perfect answers, so keep eye contact and close look on interviewer body language.

4. Listen question carefully and if you don't understand it, ask to repeat ( Do not hesitate).

5.Interviewer wanna find out ,you get to the conclusion with limited facts or not. So, you have to give specific reasons for your facts.

6. Let the Interviewer know what your thinking.

Websites which can help you in your case studies :

Mit Career Office

Mckinsey & Company Interview Tips

Helpful PDF 's :

Case Interview Resources
Preparing for your case interview
Pdf from Claremont Graduate University

Video :

Mastering Case Interview Question

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