How to transfer files or songs in blackberry?

Transferring files from blackberry to computer is not as difficult as it appears. To transfer file you need to have Blackberry desktop manager. You will find this software in a kit which comes with blackberry or you can download it from here.  After downloading , follow these steps :
  1. Connect your device to your computer.
  2. Open the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
  3. Click Media Manager.
  4. Drag a file or folder from one location to another
This method can be used for various other purposes such as transfer files from :

Nokia to Blackberry or vice versa :

First of all sync your nokia files using Nokia Pc Suite or Ovi solution. Open "My Computer"  , you will find new disk drive for Nokia Phone.

Open it and transfer files from Nokia Phone to computer and with the above method transfer them to Blackberry.

Blackberry to iPhone : 

Transfer files with the help of above method to your PC. After that sync these files in ipod using iTunes.

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