How to deal with indian parents?

Indian parents are typically Indian. They force you to believe that generation gap still exist. But I can assure that by using few tricks you can deal with them easily.

1. Never hurt there ego : If your parent asks you to do something or tell you to act in particular way never say NO directly. Just say Yes i will try  but I don't wanna do it because

"say whatever you want in explanatory form with points" . 

Note: If they are with there friends or relatives never argue with them and do not apply above method. Whether you'll follow there instruction or not simply say YES, of-course.

Wait for the time when they would be alone and then talk to them about that issue.

Situation 1: They are not allowing you for night out with friends.

First of all select a parent who is easier to tackle and cool minded. ( Most probably your Mom)
Tell her what people do in night out? how much they benefit from it socially? How intelligent your friends are( they aren't !) but say it 

You don't need to tell her that you wanna go out , she figures it out herself. Then ask her "Mom please help me to take permission from DAD for night out.

If Mom says  she can't . Make her believe that she can and in that process if  she tells that she can't give you permission because "xyz" . Counter attack these points one by one from x to z.

Somehow (most probably) she gets ready. Let her get permission for you , if she gets then done if she can't then you still have a chance to convince your father with some promises such that I will study hard, I will never do things you don't like. I will come early in the morning things like that.

2.Share few minutes with them daily :  Make  a habit to talk to them daily. If you stay away from home then call them whenever possible. Tell them about your day , what happen in office or in school. What's happening around you. This will help them to understand you better and will let them know how you and your generation think.

3.Parents are not enemy : They are not your enemy. Always remember whenever you get into trouble they  will help you more in comparison to anyone else. If they don't like something about you or they don't like your friend , then think about this impartially. Find out reason's why don't? If you figure out that they are wrong then present yourself with your point of view and reason.

I hope it helps

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