How to get free java projects for engineering students?

  1. Student Management System :- student mangement can be used by the schools or colleges to store there student marks and check there status by there name or roll no; can be updated by adding features like checking progress or downfall in study of a student.
  2. Address Book using Java Database connectivity :- address book using java in front end and ms access in
    back end. myprojects.address is the package,consists of four classes
  3. Banking Management :- Banking management has been done using the JAVA Applets.It
    is more attractive program.
  4. GUI with Menu Item :-Design of simple GUI with menu item

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  1. sir,
    i have to prepare a project on student database management such that it facilitates the teachers to store the record of marks,the administrative department to maintain the record of student details and also method for the evaluation of result and the display of result to the student.The project coding is to be done in java with its back-end in SQL.
    I cannot find it anywhere ,please help me .

  2. sir,
    i have to make a program in java using buffered reader on clinical diagnostic system.
    please help me and give me your advice how to make a good program.
    i will be very thankful to you.