How to Clean LCD Screens , safely?

Many homeowners across the city buy Liquid Crystal Display(LCD) television sets because not only are they beautiful and sleek to look at but are a wonderful way of saving that much valued commodity space. LCD screens are one of most important and  most expensive entertainment accessories in a home today."Consumers throw often notice that they are very sensitive to dust and finger printing smudges. Moreover, they are rather susceptible to scratches and buyers generally need to take some additional care while dealing with them".

Cleaning a LCD screen is quit a difficult task though as opposed to older CRT TV screens with glass screens."Those monitors were quit simple to clean and could be clean with a piece of dry lint free cloth but using the same technique here could prove hazardous to your LCD screens because they are sensitive that they can get scratch from even the dust particles explains Jitendra from Bijainagar. Several Manufacturer have there own list of dos and dont's and very often provide there own set of recommendation for that particular LCD tv model. The general rule though always remain the same. Buying proper LCD cleaning solution or kit is one option for consumers who like to do things by the book. Buyers need to buy cleaning solutions that have especially been formulated for LCD screens. Countless people often make a grievous mistake of buying just about any cleaning solution can get there hands on. Cleaning solutions vary in strength and seeing. That your LCD is probable as a delicate as a babies skin. You have to treat it with the at most care. He explains the biggest advantage of ready made LCD cleaning products is that along with cleaning solutions. They also come with there own soft cloth which is guaranteed to be safe for the screan.

Moreever, the solutions have great evaporative properties that are a great plus, specially if the solution accidentally gets into the LCD unit. While cleaning solution manufacture as a general rule are always careful, You should also be cautious on your part and check the contents before buying your solution. Avoiding the solution that contain ethanol , acetone, toluene , ammonia, ethyl acid  and methyl chloride, another options for buyers is to prepare there own cleaning solutions , preparing the solution is fairly easy and is also quit cost effective.

The first ingredient is distilled water which can be purchased at any chemist "Distill water is one of the best cleaning agents even better than mineral water and way better than tab water because these might have dissolved salt and mineral which could leave white marks on the screens". saying by Naresh from bijainagar.

This could be mixed with vinegar and then spread on the cloth.The best cloth use here is any old clean cotton and anchor chief.

"Stay away from newspaper , tissue paper and other soft looking but abrasive materials because they have been now to scratch screens permanently and leave screen looking like you have used sand paper or a utensil scrubber on them." he warns.

Never spray any cleaning solution directly on the screen. Instead, moisten the cloth with this home made solution and then gently rub on the screen applying only a light touch. To get the best results, always run in one direction: top to bottom and avoid scrubbing motions. These tips and tricks are a great way of keeping your LCD screen looking all shiny and new.

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