How to connect two computers using LAN ?

Step 1 .

For windows XP users :

Start ->Settings->Network Connections

Search Local Area Network icon and right click and select properties

Select Internet protocol (TCP/IP) and click on properties button.

Set IP address for both the computers. Remember they must be unique for both of them. For eg if you choose "" for your first computer then choose "" for other computer. IP address is address of computer from which it is recognized in networks.

Below the IP Address there is box called Subnet Mask, put in it and click ok.

Please Note, You need to do above steps in both the computers.

Windows 7 :

Start -->Control Panel -> Network and Internet-->Network and Sharing Centre

Click on Change Adapter Settings

There will be icon of Local Area Networking , right click on it and follow the steps given above for windows XP.

Step 2 :

Build a Work Group :

Windows XP :

Start --> Control Panel --> System

In the dialog box click on Computer Name Tab .

Give the name for your computer such as Home1 , or Laptop1 etc.Do the same thing for your other computer.
Also give name to your workgroup such as Home Workgroup or Office workgroup.

After giving name to the computers , in the bottom of dialog box at  Member of Workgroup , type the name of your new workgroup as mentioned in above step.Follow the same procedure in both the computers.Remember both the computers have different name, different IPs but it workgroup name should be the same for both the computers.

Now Restart both the computers.

For Windows 7 :

Start -->Control Panel -->System and Security -->System and click on change settings. Follow the same procedure as we did in windows XP above.

Step 3 : Test your LAN

Start -->Settings-->Network Settings and click on My Network Places ad then click on Entire Network and the double click on Microsoft windows network.

You will see Workgroup Name. When you will double click on it , you will see the name of your other computer.Congratulations your both computers are connected now.

Windows 7 :

Start -->Control Panel-->Network and Internet -->Home Group You will see the name of other computer.

I hope it helped!

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