Gate exam Preparation guide

I am posting lot of useful material and links for students who are preparing Gate entrance examination. As I am Computer Engineer this post is written according to them but it has some useful links for mechanical and electronics and communication students too.

According to the gate point of view the study material available at Mit opencourse ware is best. I pledge you that if you crack gate after studying that material please donate some money to MIT so that , they can continue providing these materials to needy students at free of cost.

I will discuss all important points step by step and guide you with the best links available for that:

1. How to prepare for gate?

Best article about it is written by an IIT'an Dvrrao and who cracked gate himself . I read many articles but I found this one interesting enough as well as motivating.

Click here to read Dvjrao Article and learn how to crack Gate examination?

2.Which books I need to Study?

In my opinion, it is not the book that matter but its upon you that from which book you understand well. If you are comfortable with Indian writers then you can opt them too. It is not significant that from which book you study but utmost important thing is that what you study should be according to syllabus and whatever topic you select , study it thoroughly.

To download some good books about Gate I recommend these sites :

1. CS IT Books

2. Computer Engineering Books

3. For download Previous year question papers of Gate :

4. Pattern of 2009 Gate Paper

5. For downloading notes I recommend MIT OPEN COURSE WARE , its course material is good as well as free. To search your Course you need google.

Type this string on google " mit open course ware YourSubjectName ".

Click on Download Course Material as shown in image.

5. Links for downloading books of Mechanical Engineering for Gate ( Requested by user)

I hope it helps!


  1. sir,can u please mail me the names of good books of ece for preparation for gate

  2. free ece good books for gate are available at

  3. Hey friends i am an automobile engineering student. can u please tell me some sites where i can download books for mechanical students on gate syllabus. thank u

  4. I am a mechanical engineering Graduate (BE) and have been working in an IT company for past 8 years. I am planning to do M-Tech in Computer Engineering or IT. Please let me know if i can give GATE - IT even though i am a mechanical engineering graduate.

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    Thank you very much for posting the links for the ebooks for ece !!!


  6. i had got lot of help and courage frm ur article t go 4 gate.thnks

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    I am doing aerospace engineering in amrita engineering college.i want to know whether there is a separate question paper for aerospace engineering in GATE exam.if so please suggest me the mail id is

  8. hi sir,cmpltd my,am preparing for Gate Exam. please send which books am prefer. sir,can u please mail me the names of good books of ece for preparation for gate

  9. please mail me book for cse for gate preparation

  10. sir please send me the study material for gate for e.c.e branch. sir i have not enuogh money to join any coaching classes..... so sir plz send free study material on

  11. Sir, please send me the study material for gate preparation for ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING. Sir, i have not enough money to join any coaching classes, so sir, please send free study material on

  12. sir plz send me which books books are used for gate preparation for ece my mail

  13. sir plz tell me which books are used for (E.C.E) gate preparation?&how to prepare for that
    &if u have any materials plz send me through mail...

  14. sir . can you please suggest some gate postal coaching materials. for mechanical .