Format xp or 7 using usb

Concept: We are using two concepts , In first concept we will build bootable pen drive and in second we will assign this pen drive as our first preference when computer boots(we will change bios setting for that)

Note : Remember to type command without colon

Step 1. Plug USB Pen drive into your computer.

Step 2. Click Start -->Run-->Type cmd

Step3. In command prompt type without colon  : "diskpart" and press enter

Step4. Type "list disk" without colon and press enter again.

Step5. Your connected Usb will be listed here , type command "select disk 1" to select usb. 

Step6. Type "clean" without colon

Step7.Type "create partition primary" 

Step8. Type "select partition 1"

Step9. Type "active"

Step10.Type  "format fs=NTFS"

Step11.Type "assign"

Step12.Type "exit"

USB has become bootable at this point.

Step 13. copy the windows xp/7/vista dvd to this usb and restart

Step 14. Go to Bios-->Boot Option-->Select boot from USB and press enter

Step 15. Its done, now you can format your computer using usb

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