how to get good score in gre ?

Getting good score in gre require hard work , lot of reading and regular studies. If you are here in search of easy methods then you are at wrong place.  In this post I am writing about methods which will help you to score good marks.

Before going any further first of all you should know that what is Gre ? It is divided into two sections Verbal and Quant.


To score more in Verbal you will need only two Vocabulary and Practice.

To improve Vocabulary

1.Word power made easy  (Must have) : Great book for gre students. It will make it easier for you to learn words.

2. Read Op-Ed articles from newspaper.Try to find main idea of author.

3.Avoid dictionary as much as you can .Try to find meaning yourself by reading sentence again and again. If it does not work that you should write this word with meaning from dictionary with two or three sentence.

4.Start reading books both fiction and non fiction.

5.Listen to BBC Radio daily.


Practice as much as possible. Give tests and analyze your result. Reading comprehension needs a lot of practice. Sentence completion start to become easier after doing 4 to 5 tests. 


In my opinion Quant is much easier than Verbal for most of the students. But taking it too lightly can cause harm.

Buy Barron's and start solving it topic wise. Plan that you will solve at least one topic daily. That is sufficient for Quant.

I hope it helps , for further help you are welcome to comment.

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